Oppo and vivo announce Dual Wi-Fi for their flagships

Yordan, 18 July 2019

Two BBK Electronics smartphone brands introduced Dual Wi-Fi today - we are talking about Oppo and vivo. The feature allows your phone to connect to two wireless networks simultaneously to get better bandwidth and stability in case one of them fails.

The ColorOS account on Weibo posted a neat 40-second video, showing the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom connecting to one 2.4 GHz and a secondary 5 GHz network, ramping up download speed up to 322%, while page loading speed increases by 44.5%, compared with regular Wi-Fi connectivity.

In the meantime, vivo went one step further - demoed on two iQOO phones, the Dual Wi-Fi service selected which network is faster and automatically uses it for faster app download and lower latency while in a game. There is also the faster webpage loading, but once again - one of the networks is 2.4 GHz, the other is 5 GHz.

Oppo and vivo announce Dual Wi-Fi for their flagships

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Reader comments

The chin looks a little small to be the Nex S. Might be the Oppo Reno 10x or the Vivo x27 Pro

This feature what I waiting for long! Now I can connect two wifi at the same time for better speed. Specially for connecting to internet cafe that provide 2.4GHz and 5GHz. For you that said it was useless, well maybe you never know the speed differe...

  • Anonymous

Exactly, it's like no one here owns a dual-band wireless router or just uses their 3G/4G cellular network. You don't need to steal your neighbor's Wi-Fi to use this feature lol. The Chinese smartphone companies should come up with more useful and ori...

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