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  • Amazin' phone

The first wireless charging phone, amazin'

  • AnonD-445265

My phone data has been full erease, help me for restart

  • Anonymous

bane, 06 Mar 2012help. soon as I took fon everything was ok, and I found the... moreThe HP servers have shut down, there are still a vibrant community helping each other out. I would reccomend this phone, it's great
-source(s) owned Palm pre 2 for 3years!

  • m m shohag

i am shohag from bangladesh.i need Palm Pre plus backpart for make wire less charger

  • Jaspal

I am jaspal from india, my handset palm pre has been reset, please help me for restart and for create new profile

  • AnonD-339647

browbig, 24 Aug 2014please am in africa how can i change connection it always t... moreYou need to unlock phone. It will cost some money.

  • browbig

please am in africa how can i change connection it always tell me to press unlock code please can you help me???

  • palm expert1

well this is now 2014 and after having this phone for years now please don't even buy a used one because you will (never) be able to get flash for it and we all know flash is needed for almost anything on a cell but hp promised and even had it on my phone when i bought it that flash would be happening in the next while (never happened did it hp)...????
anyway folks stay the hell away from these phone or anything from hp they do not deliver on anything and to this date i have expressed this even as far as on twitter and nothing not even a tweet saying nothing??? so goodbye hp i wouldn't even buy ink for a printer when i needed it so i busted the printer and went and bought another brand so folks if promises not delivered is what your looking for instead of the actual product being delivered to you then hp is your option.
write me if you need further proof that hp sucks period......
don't buy anything from hp and show you care about these huge corp giants that as a consumer we just wont sit back and take there crap for another 10 years or even 10 more days if we stick together just maybe these creeps will hear us but in todays world i doubt it very much to many of these $$$$$ makes them help ignore the everyday person like us on these forums who try but they don't care
just venting because of the shit they promise
thanks folks and if you buy hp you deserve what lies ahead for you and even as i speak they have also now promised something for the touch i think it is but don't quote me but it is one of there crap things a update customers in the air about it so there you go another promised update which people will neverrrrrr see and maybe just maybe a sorry for the inconvenience but i highly doubt even this from a corp crap giant like hewlett packard (crap everything )

  • AnonD-188871

Kwesi, 12 Jul 2013Hey Im in Africa with a new Palm Pre phone,how do i activat... moresee my post

  • AnonD-188871

When setting-up new account you HAVE TO have data access to internet - at leaast for creating account and basic set-up. You can actually use somebody's SIM card with pre-paid data to do so.
Then you can use wifi to do anythig else - no more data access needed. To be able to use App Catalog software you have to turn off auto-update of date (from net) and set date to june 2013. Then download of application update (from app catalog) run it and you are set! Turn back date auto-update and you can use App Catalog.
That's all to do on all WebOS devices when starting up "clean".

  • Rohit

raja shaukat, 08 Jan 2013i ve very bad experience with pre palm.problem with blue to... moreI have purchased a palm pixi I have erased all data . Good .but after rebooting it asked to create a palm profile . I have hardly entered them . After some configuration I have tried to enter the APN. Even though I entered the APN correctly an error message popped up UNABLE TO WRITE SETTINGS please help !!!! If u know the solution please mail to

  • Kwesi

Hey Im in Africa with a new Palm Pre phone,how do i activate it?It says get your network provider somethin,how do i activate it.?Should I take it to the Network Provider guys & how do they get it to activate with wireless

  • AnonD-152380

Really great phone. Works perfect for me at least. No problem with WI-FI or Bluetooth


I stopped working screen repair itself did not work, and repair service refused to take the phone. Show you how to fix it.

  • demmydan

This is a kind of vry funny phone bcos i found it difficult to connect with wifi, bluetooth, and browsing.

  • raja shaukat

i ve very bad experience with pre palm.problem with blue tooth doesnot on.not conect with wi fi.i enter my e.mail adress and pass word,it asked me for APN palm is stuk and i unable to go to meneu.unable to delete the videos.plz help e.mail

  • rudi

I have been trying to enter my phone settings, but have not succeeded so far, esp. with the message: unable to write settings,

  • aiki70

I had been a die-hard fan of palm since the original palm pilot...thru to the treo 750. This by far was the worst experience I had ever had with a phone, and it only got worse when HP took over. I've been locked in my carrier plan until just recently and I can't wait to have a new phone; below are the issues I've had for ~1 yr:
1. freeze up randomly and have to remove battery to restart,
2. battery goes from 80% to 0% in a matter of 5 minutes of data use,
3. apps are hit or miss and sometime show they downloaded, but never actually make it (namely the HP Maps...right when they took over the Google Maps)
4. reception is progressively getting worse; although, I could probably blame some of that on my carrier).

  • Anonymous

We bought 2 of them 1 died after 1.5 years and the other one will be 2 years in September with little use and is dying also worst mistake i ever made with a cell phone was getting these poorly made and very poor preformance

  • xray delta

how can i clear history of my e=mails i have a plam pre