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  • rudi
  • fs@
  • 18 Sep 2012

I have been trying to enter my phone settings, but have not succeeded so far, esp. with the message: unable to write settings,

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    • aiki70
    • 7E9
    • 26 Aug 2012

    I had been a die-hard fan of palm since the original palm pilot...thru to the treo 750. This by far was the worst experience I had ever had with a phone, and it only got worse when HP took over. I've been locked in my carrier plan until just recently and I can't wait to have a new phone; below are the issues I've had for ~1 yr:
    1. freeze up randomly and have to remove battery to restart,
    2. battery goes from 80% to 0% in a matter of 5 minutes of data use,
    3. apps are hit or miss and sometime show they downloaded, but never actually make it (namely the HP Maps...right when they took over the Google Maps)
    4. reception is progressively getting worse; although, I could probably blame some of that on my carrier).

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      • Anonymous
      • xGu
      • 05 Aug 2012

      We bought 2 of them 1 died after 1.5 years and the other one will be 2 years in September with little use and is dying also worst mistake i ever made with a cell phone was getting these poorly made and very poor preformance

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        • xray delta
        • MSR
        • 09 Jun 2012

        how can i clear history of my e=mails i have a plam pre

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          • yumack
          • JK%
          • 20 Apr 2012

          bane, 06 Mar 2012help. soon as I took fon everything was ok, and I found the... moreHi
          You need to export data base from PRE create new line with data-it's not preloaded with MTS settings(you can use SQL data menager) plugin in firefox) filled with MTS 064 data(detailed instruction is on palm central)then import it in PRE.

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            • bane
            • snQ
            • 06 Mar 2012

            help. soon as I took fon everything was ok, and I found the "Erace data" or as it is called, but I thought it was a "factory setings" and probably is, and then do its work and began to flash on and chose language itself and perhaps even a setting and now impossible to override the profile setting palm and my phone is unusable. I've created a profile on the website but can not connect to the net via WAP to me to manually adjust the settings for the net and I put the what-mts on this site
            apn = gprswap
            username = mts
            Passw = 064
            and I constantly says "unable to write settings" and in this I only can I use emergensy call. When I put all this information and go to "change settings" Is it just my little spin and says "unable to write settings." otherwise my sim card is set for the net and with any phone I go to the net. and I should go over wap on their server or whatever so that they can use the phone. help pliz.

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              • Danny
              • pJ}
              • 28 Feb 2012

              I used a Palm Pre for several months and it was the worst phone I had ever used. The keys were too small and not so smooth. The biggest gripe I had was the battery life. I was never able to get more than four hours of continual use with it & that was me shutting things down and lowering the brightness to a bare minimum. Truly a dreadful mobile.

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                • Wussal
                • mK9
                • 30 Jan 2012

                i cant creat a palm profile,can anyone help me ???

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                  • Champ
                  • 018
                  • 25 Nov 2011

                  The worst phone palm could of made, the sync or web platform as they call it with Yahoo is slow, does not do all the calander changes let alone the contacts. If you loved the palms before with the usb cord for the sync manager stay with it. I have had this phone for almost 2 years and I will never get a palm pre ever again. There was many bad reviews about this so make sure you read into it before buying, I made that mistake and totally regret it now.
                  Good Luck.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Khi
                    • 28 Oct 2011

                    Johnnation, 09 Aug 2011Does it have multitouch?!!yes it has multi touch

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 0HA
                      • 03 Sep 2011

                      I have had my palm pre for not even a year and I have had nothing but trouble with it. The latest issue i have is the screen doesn't come on when it should. I am not impressed at all and being on a 2 year contract it is very inconvenient for me. If anyone has any suggestions on how this can be fixed, I would love to know. I would never ever buy another palm pre or recommend it to anyone. Thanks

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                        • danial
                        • KI1
                        • 30 Aug 2011

                        guysss please can anyone help me about where can i get its pc suite i will be really thankful to u tell me ASAP

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                          • Johnnation
                          • JK$
                          • 09 Aug 2011

                          Does it have multitouch?!!

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                            • AnonD-16995
                            • 0gK
                            • 08 Aug 2011

                            Beau, 05 Aug 2011Please can anyone tell me if LED Flash can be used as a Fla... moreOnly if you root the phone using webos quickinstall. which is actually really easy to do, not as hard as other operating systems. But once this is done you can use the flash as a flashlight. but to answer you question it is not a stock feature that is enabled without rooting the phone.

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                              • Beau
                              • kNp
                              • 05 Aug 2011

                              Please can anyone tell me if LED Flash can be used as a Flashlight independently? If so, is there a button or sequence to push, if so what is it?

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                                • freebase
                                • IF2
                                • 21 Jun 2011

                                Great phone, multitask, internet, TV, textin and no issue with dropped calls.
                                Everything you want in a phone but no SD card slot. Other than that it next to perfect.

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                                  • Polidoc
                                  • 4}8
                                  • 14 Jun 2011

                                  Great OS but terrible hardware. The phone is small and convenient and does everything a larger smartphone might do. Multitasking is great and multitouch is just like an Iphone. The only problem is that it's not a great phone. It drops calls a lot and breaks up pretty often. It's also slow in picking up so you have to return calls a lot. Overall I wouldn't get another and will switch to high end android next time out, but OS gave the phone potential. Too bad Palm didn't do its best and now it appears HP isn't doing so either.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 3qx
                                    • 11 Jun 2011

                                    srinath, 10 Apr 2011plam pixi have sim card slot....?doesn't every phone have SIM slot?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • k97
                                      • 03 Jun 2011

                                      All I want to do with this phone is to text. After reading all the reviews, I am now worried I shouldn't have bought it. is it a decent phone to text with at least????

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • K28
                                        • 13 May 2011

                                        are palm phones available in india