Palm Treo 650

Palm Treo 650

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  • stretchy

The Treo is the most mature smart phone, get it if you want the least problems.

Also it's the most cross platform smart phone.. supports both MACs and PCs. Mac users... don't even blink.. better interface than wondows mobile, can isync. Unfortunately not all Symbian phones do not support isync. Check for a list of devices.

If you want to use the Treo as a Bluetooth Dial Up Modem for your Mac portable, wait for the TMobile Treo650. The Cingular Treo 650 is crippled and cannot act as a Bluetooth DialUp Modem without purchaSing $pecific extra data plan$$$.


  • Wonderful ME

guys, i suggest you wait for XDA IIi. if the qwerty keyboard is not a factor for you, then go for the XDA IIi. it's better than treo 650.
Ahh...don't buy the erickson P910

  • Lee

can someone help me decide betw. the Treo 650 and Sony P910?...which one is better for using with a Mac?....thks

  • sj

im having a very hard decision, which HTML browser is easier,usefull and better

P910 or treo650...

Thank you.

  • mikka

same here
i dont know i should pick treo 650 or O2mini

  • Hay

i'm having a hard time choosing between treo 650 or xda 02 mini,can anyone advice me on this dilema?

  • Wonderful ME

WOW! WOW! WOW! What a wonderful phone!! Give me one! Give me one, please.....

  • ls

Does it recognise asia character or languages??

  • Chris

Hello to all
I'm having the change to test this device before it's launched in Europe. I've never seen a high res. screen like this before! UNBELIEVEABLE !!!!

  • zeferino

When will Pda makers start to realise that a QWERTY keyboard sucks on PDA's . Its a mobile and PDA so the keyboerd should be mobile version, at least we can use it effectively for sms or even Email. Trying typing on a small QWERTY keyboard like this one. Sending sms using qwerty sucks.

  • Grant

will T-Mobile carry this item any time soon?

  • Anonymous

To lj : an alternative is I-Mate SP3i

  • lj

i am really trying to make an informed decision. i am torn between the motorola v620 and the treo 650... can anyone give me for real advice. i NEED reliability and quality. thanks!

  • Oliver

How much costs in Austria?

  • Katia Habr

hello, does this phone work in montreal? and how much is it in CAD?

Thank you

  • Nesha

Anyone have ANY idea when T-Mobile will get this phone? Nobody has been able to tell me anything...

  • missing

is it compatiable with Mac G4

  • Nesha

oh GOD how I want this phone... I'm buying this as soon as it's released.

  • Betty Masden

I live in Alaska and cellular services are very hard to find. I'm waiting with baited breath for the Treo 650 GSM version to be released. I've even toyed with the idea of looking at RIM Blackberry products, but I'm a loyal Palm user--I have a T3, T5, and a Zire 72. I want the palm os, so I'm waiting. Anxiously. Not so patiently any more.

  • Adrian Silverthorne

When will they be released in Australia?