Palm Treo 650

Palm Treo 650

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  • Anonymous

I have the same unit but the problem is I lost the hotsynch cable. Is there anyone out there who could help me by please telling me where can I buy another hotsynch cable. I am from Manila, Philippines.

Thanks for any help in advance!

  • Anonymous

deno, 16 Feb 2010 my treo 650 rinrs and vibrate but i cant here any one need helpPull the battery

  • Jim

Has anyone been able to get hotsync to work with Win7?
I downloaded Palm OS 7.1 and cant get the O.S. to find hotsync so can't configure it.

  • Dexter

lexi, 15 Feb 2010its too old i hate the touch screen its ugly big and there is no... moreLexi,
I had my treo 650 since 5+ years now and i have never had a phone this long. Its my back up phone to my new samsung B7610. I have graduated to many phones since then but this phone is still with me. It was way advance than the other phones then before. I love this phone.

The only problems with the phone are that it reboots itself and i could not transfer directly the phone addresses to a new phone. Maybe there is a conversion from OS to Windows?? But i really dont care.

For your protective screens why not just use another screen and just cut it into size.

Overall, this phone is worth every single cent i paid for it back then.

  • deno

my treo 650 rinrs and vibrate but i cant here any one
need help

  • lexi

its too old i hate the touch screen its ugly big and there is no protective skins that you can find for ir

  • deni

I am using a Palm treo 650 , but the signal is off, i am confuse because there is no one can handle it. they said the machine must change.

  • Shamsuzzaman Tutul

I am using a Palm treo 650 , It's a nice phone but in a days 2gb memory is very low capacity .

  • cb2

can I recover any photos that were archived in 2006? If so, how?

  • Anonymous

can i use my mp3 files as a ringtone?

  • JIm

does anyone know if you can block incoming calls that do not have caller ID on the palm treo?

  • Cliff

ticku, 08 Dec 2009the best phone i have ever used.. tried nokia, sony , samsung an... moreHow can I transfer my phone book & calendar to the Nokia N900

  • ticku

the best phone i have ever used.. tried nokia, sony , samsung and everything... the most user friendly phone. the only problem is transferring phone book to another phone.
very convenient to use.

  • Jun

Best phone in my life

  • Septa

excellent gadget i've ever had, im using this for daily activitiess, phone, work and fun

  • iplop1

Great phone -Great applications!
After 4 years or so, my Treo is finally telling it's age. The phone functionality turns off and on and random intervals. (it works but I never know when I'll miss a call. = / )
That said, this phone was extremely reliable for many years!

*Great reception

*Practically unlimited applications (if you can think of a functionality, I guarantee you that someone has made an app for it! I even over-clocked my phone for a time to 400mhz(stable).)

*responsive touch screen (Prior to the iPhone, it was the best IMO)

*One of the most configurable phones I've ever used. (nearly everything on the phone can be tweaked)

*Great calendar!

*Difficult learning curve for the OS. (the OS isn't the most user friendly)

*Keyboard can be difficult to type with (you have to press the buttons fairly hard)

*It Randomly Calls People. Be careful when carrying it around in your pocket! You never know when the phone might decide to call one of your friends! (my biggest complaint -Can be solved with a carry-case.)

*Poor native file management. (this can be solved somewhat with FileZ or other similar apps)

  • Brittany

I've been using this phone for three + years and still love everything about this phone. :)

I even took my husbands and got him a Centro (which seemed to me like an updated 650 stripped of business features) so now I have two! :)

  • rubi

please put a phone number, i will go in and buy it if its still avaliabe

  • Mohamed

Saba7 El Toffa7

  • Mohamed

Saba7 El Toffa7