Palm Treo 650

Palm Treo 650

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  • adrenz23

Im using treo since 2005 very usable phone this treo650 have a lot of freeware you can download for free as MP3 ringer tone try to use the RINGO and for chat messenger use verichat or gizmo for palm so that you can connected to YM or Gtalk instantly wherever you are. for media player use the TCPMP player and for image viewer use AIPRO....thanks

  • alf

please i would like to know how to use an mp3 as a ringtone and how to transfer an mp3.

  • pastor

i love this phone the chat format SMS i really like it! its like chatting on Yahoo messenger! the battery is way better than other phones 2 to 3 days max. its very user friendly once u get use to it. good camera good sound and good signal. but its kinda old but what the heck its still a TREO not some old nokia or SE its a 4 year old phone but still its a treo! try to find a 4 year old nokia like 6600 its a trash now! hahaha!

  • Anonymous

Warlock, 11 Oct 2008it said 'SD/SDIO/MMC, up to 2GB, buy memory' from the phone desc... moreIt is SHAMSUZZAMAN TUTUL , thanks for the information which I ask for , only 2GB is very smoll capacity . I think palm will devolop the memory capacity .
Thanks/ TUTUL
BANGLADESH. 12.10.08

  • Warlock

SHAMSUZZAMAN TUTUL, 08 Oct 2008My name is Shamsuzzaman Tutul from Bangladesh. I am a new youser... moreit said 'SD/SDIO/MMC, up to 2GB, buy memory' from the phone description above... so buy up to 2GB of memory card... :D

  • warlock

the specs above said:
SD/SDIO/MMC, up to 2GB, buy memory

  • dens

Tristan, 01 Oct 2008Guys, my Nokia 7710 died on me and i need a PDA that would sooth... moreI think the best thing you do is to check first what cellphone that suits to answer your daily needs/activities, for me you have to buy a windows mobile phone because as for my experience it addresses all thing that you need from ordinary phone to business functions. Windows mobile phone runs like computers.


hi there all , i have lost my clip in which i put the sim card which you put into the simcard slot !!! does anyone know where i can get a clip like that? by the way what is that thingy called ?? i cant use my treo at the moment , but i must say , its the best phone ive ever had , it was really advanced for its time when it was launched , you can contact me at the email above , thank to all for making thi site as gr8 as it is !!

  • jayskwa

can treo 650 browse for free on mtn network?


My name is Shamsuzzaman Tutul from Bangladesh. I am a new youser of Palm Treo 650 , Can any one help me by informing me that higest how many GB memory card I may use in this smart phone . I think its a nice phone it is easy to handle .

Thanks / TUTUL Gazipur

  • Sulaiman

hey i got my treo 650...but i cant view any of my images transfered frm the PC, pls help

  • Mike

rogers, 18 Sep 2008just got mine yesterday en am unable to set my mp3 songs as ring... moreUse a progam called Ringo or Minitone on your palm treo 650

  • Tristan

Guys, my Nokia 7710 died on me and i need a PDA that would sooth my budget, is Treo 650 the one I'm looking for? please advise. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

Thomas, 19 Aug 2008Hi. Can GPS be installed on The Treo 650?Yes. Installed TomTom on it. Works as great as on the actual device made by TomTom.

  • rogers

just got mine yesterday en am unable to set my mp3 songs as ringtones. please help.

  • Anonymous

treo addict, 04 Sep 2008can the treo 650 read zip files??yea, u have to download resco explorer

  • treo addict

can the treo 650 read zip files??

  • harvey

yes you can play movies, install TCPMP with all its codecs, can play a lot multimedia formats. I play .avi format movies always.

  • harvey

you can use Technician to use your mp3s as your ringtone or sms tones

  • treo addict

what is the application for treo where i can turn my mp3 songs into ringtones?the one for treo650?can i download it on the net?