Panasonic GD87

Panasonic GD87

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  • DG

I know both, SharpGX10 and Panasonic GD88! Forget GX10!!!!!!!!!
Cheap plastic case, fucking shit LCD!
Although 16bit TFT like GD88, it looks more 8bit STN ! The lid is nearly double thick ! I only can say: Ugly!


I want to buy new one....when will it come to Thailand???

  • Mike

Apparently if you dial 000 with this phone it shuts it down... (000 is the emergency response number in Australia) anyone else heard this rumour?

  • sulley

playing around with my mates one at the moment, wicked phone... and to think they'll only get better :)
p.s how many piccies can it hold

  • Efthimis Stilianidis

I believe that this camera phone is definitely going to be a great competitor of other mobile phone manufactering companies due to its quality, BUT I wish it could support JAVA applications as well!!!A large memory could also be a very good feature for this kind of mobile phones(I mean, with an on-board camera and many other applications)!!!

  • Jake

To all you people complaining about the 110.000 pixel camera of the GD87, who the f... wants to print a 300.000 pixel or even a 800.000 pixel quality picture anyway ???? NOBODY. What it´s all about, is taking a picture,send it, destroy it.
If you want to sit at your computer (for several hours) to print,watch and edit pictures (IN A OK QUALITY) no phone/camera is good enough (nor is the digi. cams in the stores today.
Sure you can store pictures on you PC - when do you watch them ? The future is watching digi pictures on the TV ON THE SOFA - WITH THE FAMILY.

  • Cait

Hi, thanks for the reply but I have another question, what's the difference between the panasonic GD87 and the Sharp GX10? They look practically the same. Is the quality of the pics taken by the sharp mobile the same?

  • Joseph O. Adedokun

I realy like it for it is one of the best and there is no one like it. But i need one of it here in Italy but very unfortunate enough that they don't have the manual in English but everything in Italian language which I don't understand talkless of reading. How can u help me out with this?

  • Jakov

Picture size is 640x480,but qality is not as good as pictures made on Nokia 7650.

  • Jakov

Yes it is possible to use it in all turkish networks including Turkcell,TelsimGSM and Aria too.

  • Cait

hi, what is the size of a picture taken by the panasonic GD87?

  • Akin ALKAN

I am writing from Turkey and I'd like to learn if it is possible to use this phone in Turkcell or Telsim(operators) which has capabilities mms and gprs.


i want to know the price of this item

  • Anonymous

For Jonathan - try the web site under the support tab, there is an operating instructions link. You can then download them for acrobat.

  • daniel

the gd87 looks real good with features and everything. I would love to get my hands on0 one.

  • Jonathan

damn i love this phone even though i cant fully use the full potential of this phone cause i dont have an english user guide, but if you can help me find one then that would be great but once agai9n this phone of the shizzznit

  • jagadish

i want to purchase a piece of gd67,so i want price and what will i receive with that piece.

  • Well...

I wanna get the phone here in UK, but unfortunately, the phone is sim lock??!!!! Which means I only can use it on a vodafone network? What a shame, such an expensive phone. Anyone know when is the 'non-sim lock' version ever gonna come up in the UK?

  • DG

Much more interesting, than all the questions/complains about the price & the resolution of the pics.....-> The successor of the GD87/88 ! Other companies eg. Samsung,...already show now their highlights for 2003 ! Does anubody know about Panasonics 2003 phones ? Maybe a link to a photo or info-source !

  • mr_p

I want to price GD88 please send to E-Mail me thank you.