Panasonic X800

Panasonic X800

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  • Jimmy

How is the reception on this phone in comparison to Nokia, Samsung, SE, and Motorola handsets? For example, how does this phone's reception hold up to the Motorola V3 Razr or Nokia 6230b? Thanks!

  • Emma

i just bought this phone and i must say... its good but im a little dissapointed in the jerky videocamera, i just cant get a clear picture from it. im also wanting to know where to get the x-changeable covers and if ne1 knows a site i can download ringtones from - thanks if u have an answere :)

  • starr

I think this phone is nice and i think imma get me one just becuase its small and it has good things on it... and plus i know everyone else will be getting it so i wanna be cool too LOL

  • psychic

Is this phone a very 'ladies' phone?

  • Alks

Hi !
I am not able to pair my blue tooth head set with my pana..X800. Each time it searches it says that no paired device found...
Can you please help me in getting the correct config. to pair the set.

  • Alvin

anyone know how to turn off the shutter sound of the camera?
i heard tat it cant be turned off...... if that is true....anyone can sent me a third party software for it's camera? or tell me where to get one? ... best is free... thanks in advance

  • Spencer

Just got the phone last week! X-changeble cover designs are so COOL! You can check out the free designs at this site:­46&st=0

  • kenny

i am writing as to answer some of the qn..!!
i just gotten tis fone few mths back..i found out tt the batt life isnt bad at all compare to my previous fone..and i can definitely tel u when u charge or tok for a long time...the base gets is not a service is needed...well after all tis is a really good symbian os fone if u are looking for 1

Anymore problems pls feel free to post or email it to me!!gladly to answer anything abt tis fone!!! (

  • X-changeless covers?

its nice that panasonic has x-changeable covers but where can I buy them???

no covers can be found on ebay.. I especially like the japanese cover.. where can i get it? its not even sold on ebay.. sounds like false marketing feature to me!

  • William

hi, does anyone have any idea what's the largest mini sd capacity this phone can accept ?

  • brian

having problems with internet access my connections arent right... if anyone has cingular for this phone can you please tell me what the access point infromation is... thanks

  • ton

what i mean is refresh problem like while browsing theme and contact list. Also, what is the latest firmware?

  • ton

has anyone experience a jumpy/blink screen when browsing picture / theme (presing up or down consequently).. my screen is kinda make a blink ( not all part just some, size of the selection bar)..

  • Apersaja

hello...i wanna buy this phone but can anyone tell me if there is any themes for it??its a symbian phone so does it support normal themes like nokia 6600??thanks

  • Alks

Would like to ask one question about this X800.
My Phone gets heated up at the base while charging and talking, would like to know if thats ok or should I go for a service.

  • emma

hi, can anyone please tell me why i cannot text message? or send pictures? thanks!

  • William

Does anyone have any idea how to change the external display of the phone ?
i can't seem to get the 'blue color analouge clock' on the external display

  • Paul A

Fantastic phone. Highly underrated.

  • phoner

Does this phone have mp3 ring tones?

  • clar

hi..jus wondering..i saw a comment abt e 60letters to upgrade it to e norm 160letters.?