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  • Anonymous

jonas, 04 Jan 2016My fon says insert sim,please do you have any solution to this i... moreput in a sim

  • jonas

My fon says insert sim,please do you have any solution to this insert sim problem?

  • wims

[deleted post]Can I used it in Liberia, if yes can I have the SIM unlock codes?

  • imran

hi every one i want some help do u know which mobile's back cover mach in this mobile because i lost my back cover but i could not find that

  • Anonymous

RainbowDash, 10 Oct 2011While the Pantech Impact is not the best phone, it sure is a ver... moreMine sometimes says insert sim,please do you have any solution to this insert sim problem?

  • AnonD-107634

I've had this phone since the summer of 2010 when my kid gave it to me so she could buy her Iphone and it's a pretty good phone. The only real complaints is that I wish it was a bit lighter and that aftermarket covers would fit better on it...the one I got broke within weeks and was totally useless. Luckily the guy on ebay refunded my $ for the piece of crap he sent me.
I really like the larger keys on the keypad which make texting a breeze, other models and brands have keypads which are just too small to type with. I prefer to do everything with the phone in the open position, just easier for me as I don't like the touch screen on front. Besides that, this phone does everything I need a phone to do...make and receive calls and text. I don't download or use the internet on it as there are better devices for this kind of activity but as a basic cellphone, the Impact hits all the buttons. I almost bought a LG 550 yesterday but decided to keep the Impact as it was just better technology and features. I felt I wanted a change but when push came to shove, it just didn't make sense to swap out phones at this juncture.
I'm still a happy camper after almost 3 years of ownership which says a lot about this phone!

  • samanth152

Samantha, 10 Dec 2010I luv this phone but the thing is that it has no sig.. And be ca... morehey! my name is Samantha too! anyways, i dropped mine in the toilet too, and i put it in rice also and it doesnt work anymore..the battery vibrated,its weird. and it turns on, but the screen is faded, so when i have to look at the screen i have to put it under the sun or a lamp. sorry i dont know how to fix it:/

  • samantha152

i do not like this phone!! i liked it at first but a month into started getting scratched really bad, the silver on the side started chipping, and the back fell off constantly. then somehow i lost it outside my school and then the janitor found it and it got ran over. so it was broken..then i got the same exact phone and i dropped it in the toilet and the battery made this weird buzzing noise and the screen was faded, the only way i could look at the screen was if i put it under a lamp or the sun. and i also hate how you couldnt have a signature, and you cant keep very many messages because it tells you your messages are full, and the camera sucks. if u r thinking of getting this phone, DONT!
(other than that, the phone was wasnt slow, you can send and receive picture messages, and it was pink!(: haha)

  • Anonymous

Ive jumped in the lake with mine in my pocket but quickly set it in the sun to dry and nothing is wrong with it, it still works perfectly fine. Also i havent had the problem with the back falling off and it wont scratch if you take care of it. Ive had mine for 2 years and its not scratched up badly at all though the silver lining around the phone does chip easily. Works fine for me but i still would like a newer upgraded phone.

  • Chijo

I like the phone I really do besides a few problems I can handle. But there is really one thing that is really pissing me off I can't send pictures nor can I receive them. And I can't figure out why it does not tell you I do have internet for the phone can some one PLEASE HELP!!!

  • JB LOVER 2012

This phone is really cool, I really like it. I had the samsung solstice, And It is a great fone. The impact is very cool. I have no problems, minus the bacl falling off, but got a case, n have no more problems. My friend had thos fone before, then got a new fone, but she seems to like the impact better, and got another panteth impactn... I strongly recpmmend this phone! (:

  • Anonymous

I don't recommend this phone at all! I have a pink one and it doesn't send messages very well at all! It has full service but the little E doesn't show up! Mine also randomly shuts off! I think that At&T is a crappy network! I can't wait until my contract is up!!

  • Anonymous

It's vool

  • laney

theycallmesaya, 04 Feb 2012alright so I have this phone. and I ABSOLUTLY HATE IT! I plan on... moreTheres lot of pantechs but mine is touch screen its the best I kust dont know how to make a contact

  • ?

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2011Do you have to get internet????,You dont half to have internet you Have to options unlimited texting or internet. I got the unlimited texting.

  • theycallmesaya

XxkassiexX, 31 May 2011what's up with the whole back thing it comes off and wont stay..... morealright so I have this phone. and I ABSOLUTLY HATE IT! I plan on getting a iPhone in a month or two once I'm back at home (I'm away visiting) anyways, I have the same problem with the back of the phone falling off and all that. but I also can't use templates or insert pictures and my phone is all scratched and it just Compleltly sucks. this was the first phone I've get had and I've had it for like 3 years and I HATE it. my moms getting me the iPhone. I do not recommend this phone to ANYONE! I've never damaged this phone in any way and it's stupid.

  • Anonymous

Hannah, 06 Nov 2011Okay so my mom had this phone for 3 years and finally decided to... moreputting pictures is easy all you have to do is put in insert picture,picture again and then camera and pick a picture you can even click on a button that says take picture by going to insert and the 4th one says take picture but also you have to already be on the message

  • AnonD-36571

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2011Its good, its fun, its lasted me this long, even though it gets ... morethis is exactly what happend to my impact!!! only i dropped mine in the toilet and the back wont stay on

  • AnonD-36571

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2011i have had two pantechs and the back wont fit right. i have to k... moremine wont fit right either i put strips of medical tape on and it lasted a long time

  • Anonymous

-shuts off all the time in the middle of a text
- im sending a really long text and I'm next to a letter thats right next to the delete or whatever button and somehow it just goes back to the home screen!!
- the front scratches insanely easy!!!! the little metal part around the screen is all chipped off.
- sometimes the front of the screen freezes so you have to open it, then close it again
-the camera is not very good
-the messages ARE ALWAYS FULL! i can never keep at least 3 conversations with people without it saying , "please delete messages"
-it spazzess a lot

the only cool thing is that the messaging design is pretty cool. i have had this phone for exactly a year now and i can't wait till i get another one. don't reccomed this phone unless all you care about is the design of messaging