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  • Fred

How do you put a signature on it I have spent a year trying to figure it out

  • Anonymous

i have had two pantechs and the back wont fit right. i have to keep it duct taped. i have a pink one. but other than that i love this fone. it works good and is very easy to use.

  • Hannah

Okay so my mom had this phone for 3 years and finally decided to give it to me (: the phone has no problems with it what so ever, i'd say the only thing wrong is that i cant send picture messages or receive them but that's okay because i will figure it out(: and yes the back did fall off but get a good looking case to cover it and WABAM! its fixed. i love this phone and it's better then nothing at all so people just have to get over it phone's have problems not all of them are perfect.

  • lalaala

IT'S AWFUL ! I've been telling my mom how it does random things and scratches so easily.. But scince I've been reading these reviews she's like Oh your making it up -.-
It's Terrible.. I dont reccomend it !! Tho it's nice for the 1st month it scratches easy syas it has water damage when it doesnt.. DONT BUY IT WASTING YOUR TIME/MONEY

  • FeedYouToTheFireAnts

Ok, this phone is not bad. I have to say, it scratches so easely, my mom told m like yesterday "your phone Is scratched up bad. What did you do?" I told her "nothing." and continue texting xD. I got so agervated with the back allwayse comming off, so I threw it at my wooden floor. -.0 strange. Then I like stormed off and grabbed the ducktape... Otherwise..... It works pretty well. I give it about four stars. I'm vRy upset that it doesen give signatures. Like all my friends have it. COM ON AT&T! Dx. That's all I gotta say. PEACE! Btw I'm a girl. Lol -.0

  • RainbowDash

While the Pantech Impact is not the best phone, it sure is a very good phone and probably the most reliable I've ever had, though I have had some problems with the phone as far as the charger and the sound is concerned, this phone is all in all a wonderful phone. The texting is easy and my fingers adjust well to the keyboard. I understand the complaints, but honestly when you can find a phone with no errors and absolutly no problems, let me know. Until then, this is a truly amazing phone.

  • Anonymous

It's a good phone for the most part. It's pretty user friendly. The only problem I've had with it, is that it drops almost all my calls. But I haven't really had any problems for the 2 months I've had it.

  • kelara

i have a pantech impact and when its empty charged it takes a long time to work but now i tried opening it but it didnt work it never touched water and its safe with me but it doesnt open any advise? please?

  • Anonymous

Its good, its fun, its lasted me this long, even though it gets way too scratched up. Funny story, once it had just started working crazy, all weird and stuff, and then i accidently dropped it in some water, a big tub of water, and BOOM! it worked! it worked better then it had in a long while. only now, just a few minutes ago, i noticed a strange buzzing sound from the battery, and the arrows on it make weird clicking sounds. Any thoughts? I mean, im afraid it may explode! Its been through the works, ive had it for around two years, dropped it a lot, gotten it kinda wet a lot, played with it more then i should. Any thoughts? Please?

  • Anonymous

How can I make prints from my pics on the Pantech Impact?

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone for about a year now and I hate it. It always shuts off for no reason when the battery is full. That what I hate the most about it. Lately the front screen is picky on when it wants to work. Occasionally when I open it, I will hit a button and nothing happens so I have to close it and open it again. For the longest time I had this really weird issue where I could not send any text messages until I sent one unless I turned off my phone and turned it back on. Also, unlike many of the other posts I've read, this phone has absolutely no water damage, so anything that's wrong has nothing to do with that sort of user error. The front does scratch really easily but other than that it has been very durable for me. I would not recommend anyone get this phone. The only reason I haven't gotten a new one is because I can't afford one right now. DON'T BUY IT.

  • Anonymous

Honestly, its nice to know that my phone isnt the only one with alot of problems.

*It randomly vibrates
*It makes random calls on its own
*The back falls off all the time
*Half the time the front screen wont work/ turn on
*It randomly turns on and off for no reason.
*It scraches way to easily.
*Sometimes the buttons when you open it wont work, and you have to shut it, and open it again.
*After a week of having this phone, it said it had water damage, when in fact, I hadnt had it anywhere NEAR water.

I like the way the messaging is set up in texts, but thats about it. Definitely not worth it. The phone seems great at first, but then it turns to crap.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2011no... but if u don't you can't get picture messagingWow o.O Check your plan because I recieve and send picture mesages ALL the time o.O Check before you post.. Just saying O.O

  • Anonymous

tori , 11 Jul 2010i got this phone on the past crismas and its already broken... moreI got the pantech impact about 6 months ago, and my back of my phone fell off. Then my dog bit it, then my mom threw it away. My Dad didn't want to buy a new one so I put duck tape on my battery and attached it to my back and it works pretty well!!! I Love this phone!!! I mean come on people, yes phones freeze, yes the phone might not have a sig. but all in all it is a great phone and I love it :) my rating is 10/10 :) I defintaly recomend this phone to EVERYONE!!!! :) It is AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

GET OVER THE FACT IT DOESNT HAVE A SIGNATURE! not every phone does! also this phone is the best phone i have ever had! sooo yeahh!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2011Do you have to get internet????,no... but if u don't you can't get picture messaging

  • Court

This Phone is horrible, it would turn off by itself, go off in school, and get scratches. I think it's just Pantech in general.

  • AnonD-14139

I HATE THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive had 2 of this type because the first one broke and now my second one broke! it scratches so easily, i have scratches completely covering the front, and the back did not stay on so one day it fell off and i lost it. it has so much water damage and it randomly shuts off on me! i might be getting the samsung solstice tomorrow. i hope its much better than this stupid pantech. i do not recommend this to anyone.

  • Anonymous

this phone sux, it turns off and on randomly, u cant put a signature on the msgs, u cnt edit a picture or a video, my old FLIP ONE WAS BETTER THAN THIS THING! AT&T needs to update this stupid thing cuz im sooooo sick of it! AND IT STRATCHES SOOOO EASILY!!!!

  • Anonymous

Do you have to get internet????,