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  • Anonymous

syd, 14 Jun 2011this phone sucks. i have been through 4 of the same already. i ... moreyou dont no how to use cell phones

  • Anonymous

can u save pictures from picture messaging?
like when i recieve a picture?
please let me know, thank u!

  • syd

this phone sucks. i have been through 4 of the same already.
i wont send half of my messages.
i cant send half of my messages.
i cant answer and end the call on the ouside.
it scratches really easily.
its slow!!!!
sometimes the screen on the outside doesnt turn on
it restarts its self in the middle of random things!!
it sucks..

  • hannao1

Annomomous, 19 Jan 2011I love this phone I have one I don't know what some people are t... moreTy very much! I was wonderng if it waz a good phone. I am a teenagr and wanting a new phone, i lost my old one. I think that people can getover the fact tht it haz no signture! Ty for your oinion i just wanted to know if it waz a good texting/ thank you 4yourhelpppppp:)

  • b

I HATE This phone . it is SO stupid . it Frezzes up all the time. Then just turns off , then the charger just stopped working & know it won even turn on when the chargers in it ! at first this phone seems like best but it is NOT . I DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS PHONE TO ANybody BUT THE TRASHCAN

  • Vballchick5

I really want a new phone for my birthday that's coming up soon cuz I have the old samsung flight and I dint really like it that much,,,,,, i have heard about the pantech impact and it looks like a cool phone! I really could use some advice so i can tell my parents that I want a pantech impact 4 m birthday&­;#57606;

  • XxkassiexX

what's up with the whole back thing it comes off and wont stay... urggh shouldve went with i-phone :( ..i hate this phone

  • nessa

if ur trying to do something fast sometimes it will turn off. The back cover sucks had to go to store so they would put it on. You have open phone to hang up call. but overall good phone if u like to text. Im buyng a cover and clear plastic for the front to protect it from scratching.

  • Anonymous

sure this phone isnt soooo popular but i stilll lovee it!! this fone is really simple. i dont have many problems, oly that when i 1st got it, the back doesnt fit!!!! but i just printed a small pic from the internet, and taped in on. now my pantech impact is hecka cute!!!! it doesnt randomly call ppl, vibrate, or anything!!!! my lil sis dropped my fone in the bath while it wuz FULL and it still works awesomely!!!! it can do sooooooo much!! i have internet so i go on gooogle and click "images". then i look up pics. then click on it and then full size. scroll down and click OPEN button. booom! that pic is saved under pics in my stuff!!!i also decorate it w other stuff like ppr cut outs and nail polish dots!!!! try using this stuf! also if u luv txting its super ez bcuz the keys r big! BTW, if u buy apps on it (they r cheap) u can hav stuff lyk signature, games, music, flash camera, more clock designs!!! so i totally recomend this phone!!!!!!

  • sexyman

i got this phone yesterday and so far enjoy it so far... don't really care for signature which u can't have on this phone, and everything else is fine :)

  • Anonymous


  • outdoorsy lady

Getting the Pantech phones model p7000 was a big mistake for my spouse and I. We live in the country and service isn't good,granted but I could text my children and esp. receive them and the grandkids pictures. Our health isn't good and we have my 85 yr old mom-in-law 24/7 to care for.
I have talked to people AT&T and written to Pantech. I am glad to see we are not the only unhappy Pantech owners.

  • REERA 515

L@ylaaa Chillz, 22 Jan 2011This phone sucks. I had this phone for about 5 months here is al... moreomg so true the pantech impact if u are a kid/teen with a phone and u want a signaiture do not get the pantech impact i have it i can get a new phone soon :) YES!?!?!?!?! do some recearch b4 u get a new phone

  • gracie

it needs to be able to have a texting signature... when i foud out you couldnt have one it was the biggest let down ever

  • yari bari

nadisha nieves, 03 Jun 2010well let me tell you something this phone is the best of phones ... moreyour right these people are idiots!!!

  • Anonymous

I swear the only way to get the back off is to drop it on something hard...

  • jesse

how do you delete reciepients from your messaging list

  • jessie

I like it but what kinda phone doesnt have a signature! Expecially it kinda looks like a teen phone and thats what teens want. They wanna put there boyfriends name saying they luv them and stuff. But other than that its really great.
Rating: 8/10

  • Abby(:

I loveeeeee my impact(:

sure it has some issues but all phones do.
its really fast, gets great signal, has awesome messaging settings & can send & receive multiple messages & media messages really well, its pink :D or blue lol, it has an amazing camera, and i love it(:

  • kate

myy phone wont turn on and i know by opening is the only way to turn it on but ive tried that taking out the battery and plugging it into the charger and nothing has worked.. i really need my phone to turn on so if anyone can please suggest what i should do if this has ever happened to anyone of you..THANKK YOU!