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  • textingQUEEN

This phone looks very parents said to look into it before i buy it...but i was wondering if on the messages, can you put a signature? yes or no

thanks alot,

  • R@K€B


  • Riddy

This phone brings back memory to one of my earlier phone. Motorola a630. Back in the day, five or six years ago no one around me knew how to sms but I did since I had a630.

Dear gsmarena, please update all at&t phone, most of you had it at "rumored" when they're already out like this one. Much appreciated.

  • Anonymous

Samsung and SE, 18 Nov 2009Oh my God,it has no camera at all!!!It does have a camera. The camera is 2mp but it has no flash.

  • Samsung and SE

Oh my God,it has no camera at all!!!

  • Samsung and SE

One hell of phone!!

  • Tim

TO me it is not looking to a Good mobile to me

  • R@K€B

oh my god .strong phone

  • Anonymous

3rd boring

  • Sony and Nokia FAN!

2nd.. Boring!

  • Anonymous

1st.. boring