Pantech PG-8000

Pantech PG-8000

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  • z
  • zeeshan
  • PSd
  • 03 Dec 2005

pentech is turning up to the most advanced moobile phone making company in the world... it has introduced the concepts and designs several years ago.. and now diff. mob. companies like SE , nokia etc are copying the concept... you can't see all pantech phones here.. but the others are marvelously technologically advanced you have ever seen..

    • G
    • Great phone
    • UiS
    • 01 Dec 2005

    I used to have the CDMA version of this handset. The screen is great (cdma version isnt QVGA, so this one must differ to the better). Camera is excellent, this was advertised under the name 'dicafone' which means digital camera phone; the camera satisfied me alot, better than the camera found on my Sharp 902 handset.
    But one this i dont like about this phone is the keypad layout, it takes alot of time getting used to.

      • r
      • rezwan
      • PGZ
      • 30 Nov 2005

      ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo some
      i have never seen something like diz

        • S
        • Striker
        • MSN
        • 29 Nov 2005


        You'll find the SE W900 has better voting results, although I gotta admit, I do like the look of this, good design, good features, but I just don't know how good Pantech phones are to use as they're not available here in the UK.....

        I'd be interested in seeing one of these in the "flesh" - very interesting design......maybe Pantech should consider entering the UK market, I reckon there would be demand for stuff like this here....

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • 4IY
          • 24 Nov 2005

          What's the video recording resolution and frames per second for this phone, why don't any specifications list for any phone specify what kind of video a phone has??

            • m
            • mbn179
            • 42t
            • 24 Nov 2005

            this is wat i believe is the the best phone of 05 and 06 it is amazing i mean don't take my opinion look at the voting results and if u see anything higher then that then tell me ....

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • nyF
              • 24 Nov 2005

              dis looks like a DC