Pantech PG-8000

Pantech PG-8000

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  • b
  • bao
  • SdU
  • 17 Mar 2006

Hi Gerrard, how is the mp3-quality and the camera quality of this phone?

    • G
    • Gerard
    • 4ts
    • 16 Mar 2006

    i got this phone last week from Welecronics and its perfect..but still has some is uncomfortable to hold it...keypad is a little bit small...and u should clean the phone every hour coz it atracts alot of finger prints exactly like the psp and even more....So if people dont have problem with these disadvantages i really advice them to buy it ...

      • B
      • Ben
      • 2@P
      • 15 Mar 2006

      All function were good, but I found problem about Mpeg4 video. Some Mpeg4 video could not support, I wish a new version firmware can be fix it.
      Cannot continue for MP3 player when using SMS was also a problem.

        • b
        • bao
        • xwa
        • 11 Mar 2006

        Hi users of this phone, please write a little review of how to use it, not only say its best. Im very interested in this one.

          • e
          • eram
          • mg}
          • 10 Mar 2006

          hi the pantech is vere best mobeli

            • D
            • Daniel
            • mcy
            • 03 Mar 2006

            pantech is one if the best phone so far, the ringtones are too nice even the the camera product is the best one so far. pls., keep it off i personal love it.

              • b
              • bonauli
              • UDM
              • 23 Feb 2006

              How are the quality of pictures taken at night..... with flash... are they good? thanks

                • h
                • humbertaaaaa
                • Rqc
                • 22 Feb 2006

                this phone is freaking rad!! I recommend it to all you pimp playas out thizare!!

                  • A
                  • Alex
                  • jR5
                  • 21 Feb 2006

                  I have verizon Wireless and they do not have sim cards in the back of the phones so does that mean i can only get phones that dont have those or what?

                  If anyone knows please let me know thank you

                    • K
                    • Kelvin
                    • 4rH
                    • 21 Feb 2006

                    Wow!Wow!and Wow! Excellent phone in the market, I have been using this phone for a little over two weeks, all I can say this phone is the best. Especially, the pictures quality are so real, it's just like using the actual camera . Good job Pantech, i'll support you all the way..

                      • O
                      • Orange
                      • TLI
                      • 17 Feb 2006

                      This phone is available in Hong Kong at HKD2,880.

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • 2Am
                        • 13 Feb 2006

                        all i can say its nice...nice pantech i wish you are available here in the philippines

                          • z
                          • zeeshan
                          • PSd
                          • 27 Jan 2006


                          these phones are available in korea only,

                            • k
                            • kafu
                            • i}m
                            • 20 Jan 2006

                            hey christian can you give us the site address!! i wnat to buy this phone!!!

                              • c
                              • cristian
                              • mA{
                              • 14 Jan 2006

                              this phone it is made by a koreean company. it can be found on the russian market. or at the gizmodo online store.

                                • m
                                • mariusica
                                • nCB
                                • 14 Jan 2006


                                in wihch country are this cellphones manufactured? and who sells this phone(where i can find this in order to purchase it online)? thanks a lot

                                  • r
                                  • rahulkhanna
                                  • PIY
                                  • 01 Jan 2006

                                  hello sir,
                                  u r hand set is very good but deer

                                    • h
                                    • hehehe
                                    • i}m
                                    • 28 Dec 2005

                                    i need more info...but the deesing is very original..definitely a head turner!!

                                      • m
                                      • mik
                                      • QwG
                                      • 06 Dec 2005

                                      looks like an old fashion radio

                                        • p
                                        • pantech
                                        • UiS
                                        • 04 Dec 2005

                                        accually, the Sony ericsson k750 is a bold copy of the Pantech P1 which was announced a year ago. Pantech was the first company to use "dual front" (looking like a camera and a phone).