Pantech PG-8000

Pantech PG-8000

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  • D
  • Dave
  • ndx
  • 03 May 2006

Hello, I have a question. Can it put on a mp3 for sms tone????
thank you

    • K
    • Kirk
    • PTf
    • 01 May 2006

    Guys wer can i Download Pc Sync for this phone, i just bought this phone but the CD with it is not working pls give me a link for free download for pc sync for this model

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • 4TR
      • 28 Apr 2006

      hey guys. i need help with this phone. i have tmobile as my server.
      1. how to use the tzone?
      2. everytime i have a new voice mail it always send a blank text message..
      3. and when i send text message it doesn't register on my "sent folder"

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • ndt
        • 27 Apr 2006

        dope phone !!!

          • A
          • Ahmed Saber
          • iEu
          • 22 Apr 2006

          Hello, I am in Egypt and I want to ask if this phone has Arabic support, is it Symbian or Java? which is better this one or SonyEricsson w800i and wHY?

            • B
            • BA
            • 4IQ
            • 19 Apr 2006

            Yes it supports MP3's as ringtones... It's got a USB cable with it for easy transfers.

              • e
              • emon
              • T2N
              • 17 Apr 2006

              any1 please tell me is this phone support mp3 song as sms tone and incomming call ringtone??? love this phone so much.

                • B
                • BA
                • 4IQ
                • 16 Apr 2006

                no usb port.

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • 4xQ
                  • 16 Apr 2006

                  i bought the phone in taiwan an i love it. But i have cingular wireless in the states an i'm trying to get internet access through the cingular wireless web browser network. how do i do that?

                    • k
                    • kms
                    • TCu
                    • 09 Apr 2006

                    has anyone found the random or shuffle function for mp3 on this phone, it dose'nt seem to have it, but the pantech site say's it does.

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • jZF
                      • 06 Apr 2006

                      does this phone support web connectivity like a pda? and it does hold sim cards, ya?

                        • a
                        • adam
                        • Y9E
                        • 05 Apr 2006

                        hi ben what do you mean with :
                        Cannot continue for MP3 player when using SMS was also a problem

                          • G
                          • George
                          • S3F
                          • 30 Mar 2006

                          hey guys...i really like this mobile...but i got some questions?
                 the phone handy?do you get used to the wide screen and (un)convantional buttons?
                 is the mp3 volume?
                          3.has it got flash?
                          4.has the camera got zoom ( not necessary optical but u knwo the standard one)?
                          5. when you are on the video mode soed it show the whole screen or there are banners on each side as in most nokia phones?

                            • i
                            • ibrahim
                            • NHY
                            • 29 Mar 2006

                            This looks like a good phone. But please can someone confirm to me if it has speakerphone functionality?

                              • A
                              • Austin
                              • Y6W
                              • 28 Mar 2006

                              does it have a USB port??

                                • M
                                • Mouli
                                • PWA
                                • 28 Mar 2006

                                I got the moblie. Phone is very cute & handy

                                  • d
                                  • dingli dona
                                  • PIW
                                  • 26 Mar 2006

                                  very nice...........,,,,,,,,,,planin 2 get 1 soon

                                    • M
                                    • Martin
                                    • nU8
                                    • 25 Mar 2006

                                    can anyone tell me how the display is! I mean when you hold the phone in your hands is the script abeam or forword??
                                    Please tell me.

                                      • G
                                      • Gerard
                                      • 4ts
                                      • 20 Mar 2006

                                      i got the silver one and i liked it so much
                                      the black one as i mentioned before u should be cleaning it evrey hour.
                                      the camera is perfect very nice quality pictures.
                                      about the mp3 quality its awsome with very high volume

                                        • k
                                        • kki
                                        • TCu
                                        • 19 Mar 2006

                                        the phone is available in silver/black and silver only, which colour would you prefer.
                                        I want to get one, but still can't decide which colour.