Iris scanner confirmed for the Galaxy Note7, Patron to make it

Kaloyan, 15 June, 2016

The Galaxy Note7 is reportedly going through some major shifts from the previous generation. First - the name - according to the rumors the next Galaxy Note will skip number 6 and go for 7 in order to catchup with the Galaxy S7 series.

Then there is the thing about a curved screen and the ability to write on it with the S-Pen. The teaser to reveal this info also confirmed the name jump to Note7.

Finally, we heard recently about the possibility of an iris sensor addition, which leaked through a beta software. It seems the iris scanner is indeed happening, as the Korean manufacturer Patron has reportedly won a bid for supplying all of those sensors.

Patron won the bid months ago but the information surfaces just now. It will be the sole maker for these biometric modules, which should be mounted around the front selfie camera of the Note7.

The Galaxy Note7 is rumored to be unpacked at a special event on August 2 in New York. Stay tuned for more info in the upcoming weeks.



Reader comments

  • Ajni
  • 06 Jul 2016
  • 3@0

I hope the iris scanner will have some sort of "assistive light" instead of relying solely on the display's light.. Maybe IR light, so it doesn't look awkward in the dark, the front flash firing up every time the screen turns on, blinding the user in...

  • Anonymous
  • 19 Jun 2016
  • krW

Right? I'm sure it will have a decent light pick up on it, but it will probably have to rely on the screen lighting up? But then what if you are trying to be stealthy or on low battery?

  • Benji
  • 19 Jun 2016
  • 43$

Will it work in the dark?

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