Philips 568

Philips 568

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  • baraka

i bought philips 568 but once i put my sim card ... it doesnt acceot it, it tells, insert recognised sim card.
am fed up! please, some help

  • Amaresh

How can I transfer data of my philips 568 to my pc?

  • Sharif

This phone is not good.because i cant use internet and play games

  • Anonymous

I have problem in my mobile set philips 568 has been locked.But I forget my lock password. pls try to solve this problem . i would be happy to solve this problem.

  • Wasim

I have been using this set since last 3 years. I need to change the display as it is damaged. it is working. just display needed. plz suggest.

  • jo

can anyone tell me wherei can buy a data cable for this mobile.i bought it through e-bay and the accesssories were not provided

  • rom

I have it for 3 years by now, and it doesn't gave me too much troubles. I just had to change the battery by now.

  • fenyie Ebenezer

am a user of philips 568 and am facing a problem on it thus non how to get it accessories thus the battry and it housing.please can you give a specific location in GHANA-Accra in west africa on how to get my request stated above

  • Milon

Dont buy this phone. Because we are facing problem.


  • Rogers

Well, Phillips 568 has got a wonderful and good shape for someone to handle or hold but the poor part of it is that it's key pads freezes and press it take long
Please send us a manual giude so that we can rectiy out the problem

  • sumon

I am sumon using philips 568 model mobile phone.But i have no software.please help to get philips 568 software.

  • Anonymous

I was glad with this phone,which now does't"let me hear"anyone,as it was "flying".
I would provide you(who needs) with a battery....


i am using philips 568 and when i switch on it does not also when it is able to come it freezes and when i charge the battery and its full it gets exhausted so please i want to know the cause and how to repair it.thank you

  • Martin

Please do not ever buy any Philips mobile handset from any seller on E-Bay India. There is no after sales service on this product in India. They are so dumb that they cannot even guide me to procure a battery replacement for the Model 568. My handset is lying idle and I need a battery replacement which no one can provide.


how much gprs speed philips 568 . how much kbps .

  • manu

anybody can direct me to get philips 568 casea

  • soikat

Pleace inform me how can i connect my philips 568 via USB port?

  • Marcus

I have been happy with mine for couple of years now but it seems to have lost divert to answerphone. If I go to Call Info, call settings, divert, unsnswered,set,I get a blank screen that seems to want a number which assume needs to be voicemail number of my provider??? my phone provider confirms the answerphone is set up correctly.

Can anyone confirm this is the case

  • showket

Hello Everyone
I need a philips 568 modle phone software.
Could any body told me where i get it?

  • Anonymous

I have purchase these mobile in the year 2004 n they have not provided me data cable n now it is getting problems...So plz anyone can tell me where can i get the data cable as the company doesnt sell data cables for it..