Philips Azalis 238

Philips Azalis 238

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  • Anonymous
  • 9xM
  • 24 Jun 2015

it is shit

    • j
    • john
    • pw2
    • 12 Jun 2014

    I had a couple of these. They were an excellent phone with huge battery life. Unfortunately they both died suddenly after a year.

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      • Anonymous
      • 0Rx
      • 25 Oct 2009

      It was definately one of the best phones I ever had. Shame that they didn't continue the make

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        • Anonymous
        • RKi
        • 18 Aug 2009

        its really a great phone...

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          • Anonymous
          • 3PJ
          • 15 Jul 2009

          Hi guys! I need another battery for my Philips Azalis 238!!!The problem is that I live in Bulgaria so I don't know where to go and try to get a battery. To get one over the internet is also hard as I crashed my bike in Africa and now I don't have a credit card to be able to shop over the internet! But a new battery is needed to be able to make this phone work!!!

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            • Aloysius Enrique
            • wrd
            • 31 May 2008

            sarah, 06 Feb 2003Philips Azalis 238 is a really good phone but it seems impo... moreit's a great phone, I swear!

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              • hi Sarah!
              • wrd
              • 31 May 2008

              sarah, 06 Feb 2003Philips Azalis 238 is a really good phone but it seems impo... moreit's a great phone, I swear!

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                • Anonymous
                • PjZ
                • 23 Oct 2007

                it was my first mobile and after 3 years of not using it still if was new.great.julia

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                  • Anonymous
                  • StG
                  • 31 Oct 2006

                  this mobile is excellent for its time!! cheap internet and the like!! a real winner!!

                    • s
                    • sue
                    • m9L
                    • 12 Apr 2005

                    I have had my phone since for a few years and now it has died I think it is the battery ... can I get a replacement? I dont want another phone I have had no trouble and the signal is great much better than all the phones I have for work

                      • L
                      • L Smith
                      • mHh
                      • 19 Feb 2005

                      I have had my Azalis 238 mended as the screen display broke. It was not working for more than 6 months and now I cannot have it unlocked and have been told that it will not work even if I put another sim card in it as they are blocked from new and cannot have the cards changed? Is this right has anyone else had a similar problem. I am new to mobiles so that is why my questions will seem silly to most of you - but I am over 50! Hope someone can help. Thanks.

                        • V
                        • Vinjar Engen
                        • mfF
                        • 19 Jan 2005

                        My mobile was locked by SPCK and I can not resolve it
                        plesae help me

                          • A
                          • Alex
                          • 12 Dec 2004

                          This phone is big, but it has all the basic functions, and its battery holds longer than any other phone...

                            • k
                            • koto
                            • 07 Jun 2004

                            All Philips model are excellent.with az@lis 238 you charge it at the shortest time with it fast charger.only 40 minutes

                              • A
                              • Asia
                              • 30 Jul 2003

                              I don't know how set keylock
                              tell me please to my e-mail

                                • Z
                                • Zoran Rilak
                                • 06 Jun 2003

                                Not too shabby! :) I have Az@lis for some time now, and all I really really miss about it is the size of the display, plus perhaps the inability to alter predefined messages (or skip them altogether when composing a message).
                                For its price, Az@lis 238 is 10/10.

                                  • s
                                  • sarah
                                  • 06 Feb 2003

                                  Philips Azalis 238 is a really good phone but it seems impossible to find any good ringtones for it.

                                    • d
                                    • daen
                                    • 04 Feb 2003

                                    azalis 218 is mine, what different azalis 238 with azalis 218

                                      • D
                                      • Dan
                                      • 14 Dec 2002

                                      I need to reinstall the soft of my Azalis 238 but cannot find it in any service shop in Bucharest. Please help. Thank you.

                                        • D
                                        • Dan
                                        • 13 Dec 2002

                                        i have my Azalis 238 whose soft broke. I cannot find a place here in bucharest for reload the soft. Could anyone help me, please?
                                        Thank you.