Philips Azalis 238

Philips Azalis 238

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  • P
  • Phil
  • 16 Sep 2001

This is the best phone I have ever had and I have had a quite a few since 1985!
The battery life is nothing like 3 weeks, but still longer than any other I have ever had. Its a real shame there are no accessories what so ever available.
Philips - please let me have a case for this fantastic phone.

    • E
    • EFG
    • 09 Sep 2001

    Nice phone. Cheap wap phone,light, lots of features, its branded azalis 218 here in the Philippines. Unfortunately it has NO ORGANIZER & CURRENCY CONVERTER. Difficult to find accessories. Excellent reception.

      • J
      • Joanne
      • 10 Aug 2001

      I really can't find ringtones 4 my fone anywhere, does any1 know any sites i can download a ringtone off?
      Pleez help.

        • b
        • brian
        • 10 Aug 2001

        would be a better phone if i could find a personal ringtone for it but have not found any sites as yet

          • D
          • Dan D
          • 21 Jul 2001

          Ce modele de baterii mai sunt pentru acest telefon?

            • S
            • Silvia
            • 29 Mar 2001

            Standby only 4 days. Not 20 days.And mine, have not organizer and Euro Convorter.

              • D
              • Dan Bogdan
              • 08 Feb 2001

              This phone is great. I want a user guide for this phone

                • M
                • Maurits
                • 05 Feb 2001

                It's a very light Handphone.

                  • F
                  • Frank Moore
                  • 02 Feb 2001

                  This phone is a real find, I got it pre-pay in the uk for only £69.99. Having previously had ericsson t10's and a t28s, I could not believe how much better the phone is. I have yet to be cut off mid call, it's packed full of features, and the longest battery life I have ever seen. Ericsson you have a lot to learn..

                    • C
                    • Catale
                    • 19 Jan 2001

                    I onw one Philips az@lis and i'm very pleased by it. with all my talking time and other stuff, i recharge my batery after 4 days (constantly). Is a good phone with logical menus and i think is the best quality/price phone. 10q

                      • P
                      • Palaghia Bogdan
                      • 26 Dec 2000

                      i want to know what is the price because i want to buy adress is str.lacului no.2 bl.658 sc.b et.1 ap.5 iasi 6600 romania.i love this phone!!!!