Philips Azalis 238

Philips Azalis 238

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  • s
  • sam davis
  • 06 Nov 2002

i think this phone is RUBBISH i have it and the picture messaging doesnt even work!!!

    • m
    • mohammad
    • 04 Nov 2002

    my mopile was locked by spck and icould not resolve it
    plesae help me

      • S
      • Sanneke (netherlands
      • 13 Oct 2002

      Philips Azalis 238 is a very BAD phone!
      My display was after half a year bad, it isn't a small telephone, and not much ringtones.

        • C
        • Cristi
        • 01 Oct 2002

        I had an azalis 238 one year ago to bad that I drop it a few times and it did not work afther that I had 3 phones and I must say that I can not even compare them with the azalis, the best stand-by I ever heard.

          • A
          • Audrius
          • 08 Sep 2002

          What rate is Philips Azalis 238?

            • m
            • miluitn
            • 06 Sep 2002


              • F
              • Fahanmi Fortune
              • 19 Jul 2002

              am i love with Phillips azalis 238.
              all my friends are using the model except
              and that is what i need to have now.
              N.B: if you get this message please contact me as soon as possible because i need details of how i can get one for myself.
              looking forward to see your reply.

                • E
                • Eman Orucevic
                • 06 Jul 2002

                Very good mobile phone

                  • R
                  • Rishat
                  • 10 Jun 2002

                  Nice pone, but it has no possibiliuty to download logos and ringtones. I love the ring composer, very smart, isn't it?

                    • s
                    • stoyan
                    • 29 May 2002

                    Really great gsm. has all the functions one needs and is practically optimal.

                      • E
                      • Evan Doak
                      • 27 Apr 2002

                      It is a nice phone. I have one myself and it is brilliant

                        • D
                        • Dragos
                        • 17 Apr 2002

                        real stand-by time i's : 180 h.I's a very good telephone.

                          • L
                          • Lalit Sethi
                          • 07 Mar 2002

                          There is no snooze function in clock mode. I was surprised that snooze funtion is not available. Even the oldest model of nokia has this.

                            • e
                            • eds
                            • 09 Feb 2002

                            briliant phone and user frendly

                              • P
                              • Perin
                              • 06 Feb 2002

                              Très bon portable

                                • J
                                • Jimmy
                                • 17 Jan 2002

                                i find the ring composer so annoying on this phone!! Unless you are an expert musician it's virtually impossible to program any ringtones. If anyone knows any sites with ringtones on for this phone could you please mail them to me

                                  • m
                                  • meijer
                                  • 15 Jan 2002

                                  it's a very good phone.
                                  best value fore money.
                                  a pitty philips will stop manufactoring mobilephones.

                                    • M
                                    • Miron Florin
                                    • 27 Nov 2001

                                    It's the best phone!

                                      • S
                                      • Sarah Ashford
                                      • 12 Nov 2001

                                      This phone is great. The only problem is getting new ringtones and manually
                                      keying them in. For example you have ringtones for Philips phones to
                                      manually key how do I key in ringtones?

                                      Many Thanks


                                        • h
                                        • hasni kamel
                                        • 30 Sep 2001

                                        bonjour, mon asalis 238 est bloqué y-a t'il posibilité de le débloquer?