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Philips Diga

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  • alex
  • F9q
  • 07 Jul 2005

my first ever phone, and i believe one of the first pay as you go phones in the uk on cellnet... i didnt have the yellow was big, bold and i loved it...

    • N
    • Nathan
    • RNJ
    • 24 Mar 2005

    This was my first phone ever! got it in 2001 off my nan for my 11th birthday brand new as she didnt use it...but its a crappy phone! its big I took it to school a couple of times and everyone hated it so a month after I upgraded to nokia 5110 and 5110s r still the best. I just bought one off ebay as a backup incase my 3200 died.

      • l
      • lee
      • n1f
      • 22 Feb 2005

      My mum has only just swapped this phone for a nokia 3410, and she still insists there is nothing up with it!!! it's so old that the sim card looks more like a credit card, and amazingly it still works, apart from the txting function

        • M
        • Marcus
        • S35
        • 12 Feb 2005

        I salute you phillips!! This phone is the very pinnacle of modern phone technology, the bluetooth is amazing and the 2 hour video recording is vintage, well done you guys

          • M
          • Marcus
          • S35
          • 12 Feb 2005

          I agree with Mark on this matter, this phone has simply changed my life!! With its 2 hour video recording and bluetooth technology i can't see why everyone shudn't own this mobile. And at £9.99 its a complete bargain!! I salute you Phillips

            • M
            • Mark
            • S35
            • 12 Feb 2005

            This phone is th cornerstone of the modern mobile phone world today, with its hi tech 3g technology and true tones this beats the the d500 any day, well done phillips, you should win the noble peace prize!

              • m
              • marko
              • 03 Aug 2004

              I've bought a real philips DIGA in the year 1999 an I'm still using it, it's the best phone I've ever seen and I hope to use it for years to come.

                • L
                • Lori McCartney
                • 29 Jun 2004

                I am looking for a manual for a diga mobile phone, I got it in about 1997

                  • A
                  • Anonymous
                  • 16 Mar 2004

                  I bought it early 98, 'cause I wanted just a cheapo mobile and I had heard some good words about its receiver. Later I felt in love with it. Has better durability even of models from the tough phone category. Has the best receiver I ever seen in any phone up today. Keeps the reception even in basment of a hospital, where other phones have no signal at all. Survived from falls from buidling, three floors high. Still works with the original battery. Has better voice quality of other brands/models of its era. And was the cheapest model. I've never regret for my choice to buy it.

                    • J
                    • James Johnston
                    • 29 Oct 2003

                    I bought one of these when it first came out, it wasn't top of the range then really but it works well and has superb reception and quality which ive never seen since. I bought a Savvy DB and only kept it for 6 months because this phone was so much better. Well worth it!

                      • B
                      • Bradley Lister
                      • 09 Oct 2003

                      It think i'm gay. what's the best for for a gay boy like me?

                        • B
                        • Bradley Lister
                        • 09 Oct 2003

                        I can get this phone anywhere, If you know anyone who will swap it for a Nokia 3510i I would be very greatful. I also like any phone made fisher price as i'm as simple as they come!

                          • l
                          • lekhraj sangtani
                          • 06 Oct 2003

                          Dear Sirs,
                          We have one good customer in India for Philips Diga model, if you have any stocks for this model, he can buy in big qtty, subject your prices should be cheaper ,because old model so we can sell in cheap price too. Please comments soon.

                          Thanks/regards/ Lekhraj Sangtani.

                            • C
                            • Christian shaw
                            • 23 Jul 2003

                            Wow!!! I'm in love, I've gotta get myself one of these!!!!

                              • G
                              • Gallage
                              • 21 Dec 2002

                              How can i download the user manual for DIGA mobile phone. is not displaying

                                • P
                                • Paul
                                • 08 Nov 2002

                                I know that two of these phones had their screens go after about a year and a half. Poor quality

                                  • J
                                  • Josh
                                  • 10 Jul 2002

                                  I had this phone for a while, it wasn't very good really. Very basic, and wasn't very strong, one drop on a carpetted floor would break it.

                                    • S
                                    • Stanislav
                                    • 23 Jun 2002

                                    I can not find the manual in Russian (or English) for the telephone TWIST (GIGA). If for you have, I appeal ask to send on my address.
                                    Best regards

                                      • M
                                      • Messiah
                                      • 14 Jun 2002

                                      Now this phone looks ugly, but . . .remember the time, when they appeared. I think it's classic and in ninenties it was quiet good phone...

                                        • z
                                        • zafar iqbal
                                        • 08 Jun 2002

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