Qualcomm is developing its own gaming smartphone in partnership with Asus

Peter, 07 October 2020

Qualcomm sent out invites for a Snapdragon event that will take place on December 1-2. Current speculations are that it will unveil the Snapdragon 875, a 5nm chip that will be the first to use the new high performance Cortex-X1 core. Now DigiTimes is reporting that the chip maker plans to unveil its own gaming smartphone before the end of the year.

The phone will be co-developed with Asus, but details are scarce. Qualcomm already makes reference design boards, however those are just benchmark machines meant to show off the skills of the latest chipsets.

Qualcomm is reportedly developing its own gaming smartphone in partnership with Asus

Asus has more experience with the important elements that make a gaming phone what it is – a high refresh rate display, beefed up cooling, larger battery, potentially custom controls and more. Plus, the phone will benefit from the Republic of Gamers branding.

Presumably, this partnership was initiated before Nvidia announced it is acquiring ARM, but now it seems even more important. There is speculation that the GPU maker will drop Mali in favor of its own designs, which come with the valuable GeForce branding. Qualcomm will benefit from a gaming phone promoting the competing Adreno series of GPUs.



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  • Anonymous

probably just a test phone like the previous 865 summit event

  • Anonymous

Or maybe it's just a bigger Qualcomm marketing push for SD875 on Asus' next ROG Phone 4? I mean I just don't see how it's anything else since this mentions that Asus actually lets the ROG badge to go with it too, this can...

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