Qualcomm may follow up its 7nm modem with a 7nm chipset: the Snapdragon 855

Peter, 15 February 2018

Qualcomm unveiled its first 7nm chips yesterday. But there’s more to the story – Qualcomm contractors may be gearing up to build the Snapdragon 855 on a 7nm process as well.

The upcoming 845 chip is being built on a 10nm Low Power Plus process, an incremental upgrade over the 10nm Low Power Early process used in the 835. Samsung (which is fabbing the chips) claims 10% higher performance or 15% power reduction.

Early Snapdragon 855 rumors pointed to TSMC as fab that will build the 2019 chips. However, Qualcomm didn’t say who is building the X24 modem – likely the same fab that will make the 855.

If it is TSMC (which is looking like the more probable version right now), it claims up to 40% power reduction or 37% or more increase in performance over their 10nm process, a pretty significant jump.



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That's because the SD 810 are easily throttled, due to problematic lithography and doesn't run at full speed most of the times, making it feels quite laggy. Heck, even SD 660 can easily beat SD 810. The SD 820 address this issue and rarely throttled,...

  • AnonD-738105

Just trying to follow your footsteps, though sense says I shouldn't do that...

  • Anonymous

Glad you agree on how little sense you made

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