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  • Anonymous

Careware, 22 Mar 2020Best phone at this price. Likes: best camera, good batte... moreI'm waiting for realme ui in may 2020 update.

I need 2 issues to be fixed:
- touch issues
- dual band wifi AC (it's currently only b/g/n wifi)

Ajmir, 19 Mar 2020Need to know about it's overall performance.Best phone at this price.

Likes: best camera, good battery timing, good processor speed

Dislikes: can't alter time lapse or slow motion recording parameters, too big to put in the pocket,

Worst of all: it has screen sensitivity touch issue. Its known issue by realme thats why they put 0.2mm thin screen protector. Also check faq on their support page which acknowledge the issue and suggest to clean the screen regularly and not to remove the factory pasted screen protector

Hope to get software fix for this issue

  • Anonymous

How is the call quality? Is it clear and loud enough?

  • Ajmir

Need to know about it's overall performance.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2020Why is it certified with wifi AC here? https://www.wi-fi.o... moreSomebody reply and explain this (quoted post) please

  • milyn

ew for those whos commenting abt the camera is low qua like ts a gaming mobile duh

  • Vicky

Kenli, 09 Mar 2020How is the selfie camera? I plan on buying this one since i... moreCamera not worthy dear
One of the worst Camera
Plz don't buy this mobile...

  • Ali

Brightness sensor doesn't work properly

  • Anonymous

akzn, 09 Mar 2020i can confirm that this phone cant detect 5ghz wifi. Gsmare... moreWhy is it certified with wifi AC here?

search Rmx2030 on the page and click on its lower right corner button to see what I mean.

I have use lots of apps in play store that confirm it has no support for 5gh wifi but please explain that page

  • Shamesung & crAp

DevoToDios, 10 Jan 2020I use 3 years J7 2015 and it didn't went lagreally? then you got a good unit, there are too many complaints about J7 2015 and specially J7 Pro coz of it's laggy behavior after 1yr of usage, and almost all midrange and lowend Samsungs, I myself had the same experience as well as my colleagues at work, so we switched to Xiaomi and Realme, some on Sony, others have expensive iPhones and Galaxies

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2020microUSB in 2020, seriously?? Tell me is this the year 2011... moreof course, it's not the pro version dummy

  • Anonymous

Jobaz, 31 Dec 2019At that price? Overpriced it ain't overpriced just because of it's resolution, chipset and charging, you gotta look on the good side as well, i.e. camera and the features which is the same with it's Pro version

  • Kenli

How is the selfie camera? I plan on buying this one since it's cheap but I'm going to give it to someone who really is into selfies. Thank you.

  • akzn

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2020Is there really no support for 5ghz wifi? Can someone try t... morei can confirm that this phone cant detect 5ghz wifi. Gsmarena need to edit the apec here, its misleading

  • Aman

Can I able to l
Play fortnite

  • No one

Do you prefer Redmi Note 8 or Realme 5i? And why?

  • Anonymous

Anyone considering to buy this phone.. check out xiaomi redmi note 8.
I own both realme 5i & xiaomi redmi note 8.

realme 5i downside:

- Wifi only supports 2.4Ghz.... FFS it's 2020 already. this is really a bummer if you have a 5ghz router at home. GSMArena should correct this! false information.

- HD display only. can't watch youtube @ 1080p, 720 max. there's no point tweaking on apps to run at 1080p as it only display 720p.

- Micro USB. no fast charging.

- Camera quality is good for a cheap phone.

Positive points:

- 5000mah battery. it's crazy how long this phone lasts in daily use, probably because of the display though.

- 64GB + 4GB RAM variant available at much cheaper price than redmi note 8's variant.

Redmi Note 8 downside:

- 64gb variant PRICE. it's not much but may be to some on a tight budget.

- 48mp camera quality.. sort of bad considering it's 48mp. don't know why. definitely not for those on the social media taking pictures.

  • marcmanalo

3weeks of using it no problem encountered,no lag,good in gaming,battery is superb,i like this phone

  • Anonymous

Is there really no support for 5ghz wifi? Can someone try this phone on actual 5ghz wifi and tell if it supports 5ghz wifi or not?

  • Anonymous

In the Philippines there was a 3/64 variant of Realme 5i is that legit?