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pp, 29 Mar 2021there is NFC at realme 8Trueee!

  • Swandika

No NFC ?!
Why is it on the review, they say it have NFC Features?

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2021Realme: STOP printing in the back the "DARE TO LEAP&qu... morei like this design. so cool. i think you are not necessarily really feel ugly, just because of his design is not the same, just like if want you to see a person different, you will subconsciously is antipathy to the man

i like this slogan design very much.
new design innovations should be welcomed, otherwise the design of mobile phones will become the same.

  • Anonymous

Realme should drop the pricd

  • Anonymous

pp, 29 Mar 2021there is NFC at realme 8No

  • Anonymous

Nice phone

Old spec with AMOLED and fingerprint under display. You can still stay with your Realme 6.

Potang Ina, 29 Mar 2021this is the SUPER SAIYAN 3 UPGRADE OF REALME C15. why re... morewth did i just read

  • pp

there is NFC at realme 8

  • Anonymous

it's just the same processor as the previous realme 7, just amoled

  • Potang Ina


why realme? poco is releasing amazing. yet i wait for wait.
im realme fan.
im expecting realme 8 is something that could be more good.

Realme C3, Realme 6 Pro, and Realme 7. i didnt bought poco x3 nfc (i sense something. and my intuition is exactly. it has heating issue.)
well maybe Realme 7 is my last realme phone if i dont see something new.


  • Iloverealme

i very love this phone

  • DareToLeap

Persoanlly. I don´t want to buy latest Realme because of this trash of slogan. TRASH. And i think nobody want publicity and a sh^t of slogan rear their phones.

  • Anonymous

Realme: STOP printing in the back the "DARE TO LEAP" sloga.... SO UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok this phone is ugly...

I feel like Realme has finally moved away from the extreme value mid-range smartphones they used to make. The Realme 6 and 6 Pro seems like the peak of their mid-range lineup.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2021Dare to huge letters at the back. No buy, i am no... moreSo true..

We are not child.. Realme— Keep your stupid motto- 'Date to Leap' only confined to advertisements... No body will buy your phone just because of that shiny logo.. In fact, more and more people will feel reluctant to buy your phones just because of this stupid act.. Leave the motto behind.. Even the brand name - 'Realme' in big bold letters smashed on the phone's back is not at all attractive and beautiful.. The same thing, Poco has been doing on their latest smartphones.. - smashing big "POCO" A behind.. These all things make your phone ugly... If this rainbow strap had just "realme" i.e. brand name in standard small font just like in lower left in some other phones.. then it would have looked superb..

I don't know why, companies are using this stupid "GIGANTIC FONT SIZE" at the back to put their tagline or brand name..

If your phones are good people will buy them, of their aren't, no sane person would buy it even if you put a large sticker at the back..

It just shows that these companies don't care about users demands and choices, they just want to advertise their brand name by putting a big stupid sticker at the back...

It just feels like someone tattoed his/her name on the forehead in big letters covering the whole forehead, so that many people can know their name and become little bit more known to people from being infamous. It just shows these company think themselves as inferior and by such acts, they prove it.

It's just stupid.

  • Lord Ains

Poco and redmi equipped SD860 and 870 on their latest devices..

Meanwhile Realme: . . .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2021and better cam with oled screenRealme 7 Pro has OLED