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  • Anonymous

fail fail fail

this phone without

mean nothing

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]yup but do u need it right now? is ur country wide 5G enable right now everywhere anywhere or just planning in 5 yrs time which might be longer to full wide 5G? if that the case then u not need 5G enable devic

  • Semmoi

Mikeromeoz, 30 Mar 2021What exactly are you trying to get across? 108MP better tha... moreIn many ways you are right there is also radio and infrared but not sure about the ass. But if someone needs 3x or even 5x zoom of very good quality, he will get it almost for nothing, but in other cameras it is very expensive. Compare Samsung A52 and A72.

  • joni

that giant "dare to leap" text if horrible. they should have just printed it on the bonus clear case they give in the box.

  • oki

the most useless company ever cant do other shit than punchhole phones this why nonody know realme outside of india

  • Anonymous

This have more features,
But it's design quality looks like a cheap samsung phone.
Realme 7 pro looks miles better.

  • Anonymous

This phone is overpriced no 90/120hz display and no performance improvements the performance is same as the 6 and 7 pro. And updates in realme are way way slower than the other brands. Samsung a52/72 and poco x3 pro and f3 are way better than realme 8 pro

While its still stuck in the past on the SD 720. As long as a phone has an external memory card slot, headphone jack and an amoled display. I am good to go. MPs of the camera meh. You don't need more than 20MP anyways.

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021The stupid "DARE TO LEAP" slogan keeps many of us... moreVery True !
Why this "Dare to ... " Slogan on phone body.
Whether this phone is exclusively for the kids.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021sorry to see that flash sales are not selling well. far le... moreI'm after this one to buy it in Amazon. It has a price that should come down to make it more interesting than the Redmi Note 10 Pro.

  • Anonymous

sorry to see that flash sales are not selling well. far less than the Redmi Note 10 Pro.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021I've had this phone for 2 days, and it's enough t... moreThank you for your comment. I'm between this one and the Redmi Note 10 Pro. I assume you have returned it already. Which one have you bought or are you going to buy?

  • Anonymous

The stupid "DARE TO LEAP" slogan keeps many of us from buying these types of phones. Realme should seriously think about stopping putting this slogan on the back. No one wants words they don't identify with on a phone people pay with they money.

  • Telepon Seluler

108MP camera is awesome! Very fast Ui.

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for 2 days, and it's enough to want my money back. I got it because of it size (not as big as the Redmi note 10 pro), good battery, nice camera... Overall, a versatile device.
But the thing is that I love taking videos so I need them to sound and look good enough, and this is not the case. While the image is awesome, the sound is horrible due to the aggresive noise cancelling (that also happened in the Realme 7 Pro). Forget about trying to catch background sounds like birds singing, ambient music, etc. Same with whatsapp voice notes, don't even try recording a low sound because the software will get rid of it.

I just can't wait X months for an update on this (that may never come). And i won't void the warranty by installing mods to solve it, since it may brick the phone. When you spend almost 300€ for a new device, you spect to get a minimum sound quality in your videos, which is not the case

  • Anonymous

to be honest realme narzo 30 pro is better than realme 8 pro

Anonymous - Your Opinion not mine.

To put it simply , Between Cameras of 6 pro , 8 , 7 pros & Redmi note 9 , 10 PMaxes , i think 6 pro had versatile setup with good clarity , yes, primary cam. has noise issues ( If you pixel peep ) but contrast , image quality is at par with 7 pro & 8 pro , 7 pro had lesser noise hence it was an improvement over 6 pro & 8 pro has even lesser , but Note10PMax 12mp is far superior of these , there 108mp mode is not bad & similar to 8 pro , the 3x looseless zoom provides more zoom in 8 pro over note10pmax but its achieved by stacking so its marginal improvement to provide 3x zoom , it cant replace good optical zoom cams. of 2x or 2.5x or 3x , but many telephotos of mobiles are average with noise ( Redmi k20 Pro etc) & hence realme 8 pro is superior to those 8mp 2x , 3x telephoto attempts. ( Madhav sheth was bragging about this )

Night mode of 8 pro is unexpected , 6 pro , 7 pro had better night modes ( F/1.8 vs f/1.9 ) , & in may areas note10pMax night mode is better , so the only redemption realme has is 3x zoom , & 50W. Charging & better UI.

  • Arshad

Rear camera is very awesome but front camera colour quality is very bad

ANd yes with redmi n10pm you get much superior OLED screen.

Anonymous - Yes , only difference between Realme 8 Pro & Note 10 Pro max is 3x better zoom & marginally better 108mp photos , rest all note10 ProMax is better