Realme 9 Pro

Realme 9 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Does it support 1080p60 with gcam?

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2022no ois or even eis.What's that?

Put-In, 16 Mar 2022Camera sucks. Use Gcam. This is also true. The camera sucks especially the video recording

I just recently bought this phone for my mom. I ordered it online and I panicked for a moment! Until I found out on YT that you HAVE to hold the power + volume up to turn off!
This is the first realme phone I have bought. Already traumatized from my first xiaomi phone that was broken by itself. Smh

  • Rocky11

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2022no ois or even eis.It has EIS and working satisfactorily.

  • Put-In

Camera sucks. Use Gcam.

  • Anonymous

Been using this for about 2-3 days
Its pretty good for a casual daily use phone
Not too fancy and overall just good idk what to add
oh yeah kinda weird thing, to turn off the phone u need to press the power button and up volume together
Idk why they did this lol

  • Anonymous

no ois or even eis.

  • kitty

5gb ram dynamic ram expansion

  • Rui

IPS LCD? Thank you. No pwm from amoled screen.

  • anonumus

Jemlim, 05 Mar 2022This is meant to be a successor of realme 8, not the pro version!realme 9 pro plus

  • gavriel

why does realme can't sell they're midrange phone with AMOLED display and 120hz or 90hz

  • Tress

Omg ips lcd come on ......

What is this, Realme, a mid-range phone that does not have an external memory card? What is this stupidity and miserliness, Realme?

Hasnan10, 13 Jan 20227 pro 65W 8 pro 50W 9 pro 33W LmaoThis is meant to be a successor of realme 8, not the pro version!

imBuyingThisPhone, 30 Jan 2022hey guys,, i really need to know if this phone has a stereo... moreOh, it has a mono speaker. If you want stereo speaker go for realme 9 pro+

Pratik, 01 Feb 2022In realme 8 pro there was four camera but why realme 9 pro ... moreWhy is the depth sensor so important?

Noman , 03 Feb 2022As far i know the soc will be sd 778 5gIt is sd695

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2022Sd695 is a cursed processor Many phone using it but it has... moreThe reason all phones that have sd695 doesn't support 4k recording is because the chipset doesn't support it... yup it is cursed.

rhmsrt, 16 Feb 202264mp without 4k!!!Because the chipset housing the phone does not support 4k