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  • Anonymous

Firefox, 28 Jul 2021I bought C25s for my sister 10days back... Pros: 1. Brigh... moretbh I'm kinda fine with the charging, and this phone is also for competitive gamers however not for gyro users though

  • Anonymous

Sdi62, 11 Sep 2021This is an amazing smartphone. Extremely smooth and reliab... moreHow to use chroma boost my friend

  • Anonymous

Sdi62, 12 Sep 2021liar. This is a smartphone that has quite a number of user... moreThat is true my friend I was a user now realme c25s and I found out no more heating good touch screen especially in typing so smooth. Decent camera although no ultrawide screen if you used portrait mode just closer to the object and if you want to decent picture use 48 mp and check in more pro and you will be satisfied helio g85 processo gorilla glass 3 and passed to the quality control compare to realme 6i not easy to lowbat and if I charge 1 1/2 hours. My final verdict I will satisfied this phone speaker is creepy and very clear compare to realme 6i and 5i. I recommend you to buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

My former realme 6i will buy my friend cause sometimes my 6i do not charge and I inquire to my friend to get my warranty because my realme 5i swap by him. According to technician the charging port will loose and must replace but the price is 650 including his work. And I buy c25s and this is the best phone ever.

  • Anonymous

Help anyone My phone is new but when im playing games like ml and sausage it overheats a little I dont know what to do because I know it should not overheat because of his processor

Sdi62, 13 Sep 2021Excuse me sir. I have never used Redmi 10, I dare not conc... moreI mean Redmi Note 9 Pro

wesha, 12 Sep 2021is it better or redmi 10 ?I see the specifications are very interesting sir ️☺️

wesha, 12 Sep 2021is it better or redmi 10 ?Excuse me sir. I have never used Redmi 10, I dare not conclude which is better between the two. I've used the Redmi brand, Redmi 9 Pro, but the problem is that I sold it before buying this realme, so I can't directly compare the performance. But what I remember is the performance is the same, because I played several games that were the same and smooth. If Redmi 10 has specifications above Redmi 9 Pro, maybe its performance will be better than realme C25s and redmi 9 pro. That is if you mean performance. But when it comes to the quality of the body and the strength of the body that I am currently using, it feels very good. I'm sure it's made of polycarbonate, but I think it's the same as the Nokia 5 with the aluminum body, because I've used it before. I don't know how Redmi 10 is in it. Maybe someone can find a test about it on YouTube sir. And I wish you all the best.

  • wesha

Sdi62, 12 Sep 2021Yes.. but it has high quality and power compared to other s... moreis it better or redmi 10 ?

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2021So, when it's an entry level's design ... moreYes.. but it has high quality and power compared to other smartphones in the same price range. I'm not a seller, just a user, and intend to help anyone who wants to know about this Smartphone that I also use. you can try it yourself. If I lie, never believe what I say in the future about anything.

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2021Heating problem while online class and gaming specially on ... moreliar. This is a smartphone that has quite a number of users in my area. I've been using it myself for two months now, and I use it to play different kinds of games too, no annoying warm-ups. just warm. cooler than many other smartphones, especially those that use Snapdragon processors.

AQM, 02 Sep 2021Does it support built in call recording?yes it has call recording

This is an amazing smartphone. Extremely smooth and reliable performance. Ignore all the liars by dropping a comment. I'm sure they are another selling brand. Just buy it and you will feel the greatness for yourself. And you will thank me. For the speaker sector, even though it uses mono speakers, the sound is big and clear. The photos are nice and sharp especially if you enable the chroma boost feature, that's great for the price, but somehow a little less sharp for video recording, that's all. Overall amazing. Although the specifications of the Helio G85 are the same as the Helio G80 and G70, in terms of performance, the GPU frequency on the Helio G85 is higher than that of the G80 and G70. So far so impressive.

  • AQM

Does it support built in call recording?

  • shushu

Is this better than xiaomk redmi 9t? Please help im going to buy a phone but i dont know much about the phone and specs

  • Anonymous

Heating problem while online class and gaming specially on the camera side.And when listening without headphone the backside vibrates

  • WtH

Gpu frequency of this compared to Infinix hot 10s?

  • Firefox

I bought C25s for my sister 10days back...
1. Bright display, no problem in direct sunlight
2. Display also sharp despite HD+ resolutions (you can't feel the difference until compare with a FHD+ display side by side)
3. Rear camera (48mp global version) takes decent photos both in outdoor & indoor. But night mode is not that good. But luckily it supports Gcam which produce much much better than built in camera app.
4. G85 has a capable cpu & gpu.
5. Massive 6000mah battery - enough to support 2days for average users.
6. Realme UI 2.0 with Android 11 is highly customizable.
7. Most of the pre installed apps can be removed simply uninstall those.

1. 18w fast charger is little slow for such a massive battery.
2. No gyro!!! don't know why realme is advertising it as a gaming mobile but forgot to put a gyro sensor!!! They could discard almost unnecessary macro/depth camera & keep a gyro instead.

So if you play any game which requires gyro, then it’s a big NO...
Otherwise for casual gamers it’s a very attractive choice.

  • LOL

Only LTE not LTE Advanced! Rejected

  • Sriguru

Is this phone has carrier aggregation?