Realme GT 5G

Realme GT 5G

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  • A193

Good phones, wait for that...

  • benben

looks like another bs of the realme x2 or poco F1. yes these are cheap and you get the amoled and sd888. But you will notice that the cameras are crap, the built quality is crap, its almost a cheap amoled, and most of the materials probably are crap as well. I sold my X2 in no time. Compare this with the cheapest samsung amoled line up like the m2, you will see the difference.

  • goggs

Looks good to me. Cameras don't really bother me. Good processor, screen, battery etc etc. Size, isn't too big either. I've been looking for a replacement for my three year old Nokia 8. All it will depend on is the price. Why do the top end phones don't have a slot for a card?

topaloglu321, 04 Mar 2021Finally a snap 888 phone with 3.5mm jack. I take it, I will... moreand so far the cheapest phone with sd888 and audio jack

Kenawy, 04 Mar 2021Better than K40 pro and cheapernot actually better. Go compare if you don't believe me.
But it does have audio jack, that's what more important to me

  • beep bop boop


  • Wendi Go

no wonder its cheap. realme using same camera on realme v15 5g. its same rear 64+8+2 and selfie 16, even the camera island is same.

For me, if it goes global with the same price, it will be the true successor to Poco F1.
Audio jack,
WIFI 6 (5g),
4500mAh is ok,
65W fast charging,
And the best one is " CNY2,799 ($430/€360) price"

  • Jahid

One of the best flagship killer of the decadeπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Vicious

anik, 04 Mar 2021Worst Phone. Not fullfilled My Expectation$430 flagship killer and u didn't satisfied about the price point? Are joking or what?

  • Anonymous

it's having the headphone jack for me πŸ’…

anik, 04 Mar 2021Worst Phone. Not fullfilled My ExpectationLook at the price before you complain about this phone. You should expect flagship features like wireless charging and pro flagship grade cameras in there. At this price you are still getting a flagship soc and great cooling system

  • Anonymous

Jas, 04 Mar 2021I'm very disappointed only Snapdragon 888 processor is... morehey man
u say 65W its old...ha?!?!?!?!

& also said Redmi k40 pro better....ha?!?!?!

but k40 pro just have 33W, half speed of GT
even k40 pro+ just have 33W & mi 11 also have 55w

its obvious... K40... all Redmi & Mi fans getting confused & also headlong with seeing specs + price of GT

just a question... which one of xiaomi devices have LEATHER back
this one have Leather back + sd888 + 12/256 + 65w + 158mm + 120hz screen + 3.5jack + 4500mah = 510$

it looklike u buy something like porsche design of Huawei with really low price + of course Google Play

reminds me mate 30 rs ( leather back ) or mate 40 rs

This is gonna be my next phone in sha Allah 😊

  • anik

Worst Phone.
Not fullfilled My Expectation

  • dekau

Jas, 04 Mar 2021I'm very disappointed only Snapdragon 888 processor is... moresome people like me prefer small display, and for the 65watt tech, hey, c'mon. that's should be fast enough, right?

Android's iPhone SE, About 400-420 euro even more value in about spec except you like/need iOS. vivo iQOO Neo3 5G Successor even cheaper launch price.

  • Anonymous


  • Bahlul

Arsenalistas91, 04 Mar 2021So the rumours about 6.81 inch display are not true and sud... moreDepends on u no one force u to buy this phone..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2021I Like The Dimensions 158mm.....Tall 186gr.....Weight ... more2799....8/128....432

2799 currently its belong to Redmi k30s...sd865(Mi 10T) 8/256

this Realme GT even its killer of MEIZU 18 / 18 PRO & ALL CURRENT REDMI...MI devices around 400_500