Realme GT Explorer Master

Realme GT Explorer Master

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Nice to see OIS

These camera specs don't matter if you can't turn off beauty mode.

AnonD-940827, 21 Jul 2021Not even weather sealed for a 2021 phone... Asia doesn'... moreYeah, do you have problem with it

IamfromPhilippined, 21 Jul 2021Poco F3's greatest rival on the global marketin my country f3 is 340 euro, and this has rec. price of 380, so most likely it will be sold for 410, and that is another range of devices.

  • Anonymous

No SD card and audio jack very disappointed with this, no buying next...

The specifications still do not reach the level of the actual flagship. no IP ratings, no telephoto lense and useless macro lense. overall, still appreciate the improvement compared to the GT one. i would buy this one.

  • AnonD-940827

Not even weather sealed for a 2021 phone... Asia doesn't have rain? Hmm

  • IamfromPhilippined

Poco F3's greatest rival on the global market

  • D-095

realme what is this..

  • Jerome

Main & UW cameras OK. But why 2mp macro?

  • 1juan

realme x9 pro?

Master Explorer Racer Adventurer Browser Surfer Super Hyper Dancer ... every suffix -er they can add.

So sad to people who baited by this phone' hype naming