Realme X50 Pro 5G review

GSMArena team, 16 April 2020.

Design and handling

Every 2020 flagship has to meet certain expectations, and the Realme X50 Pro design revolves around those. The X50 was built by the book - it's a glass-sandwich phone with metal frame and captivating colors. There are trendy curves on the sides and the back, and a nearly bezel-less screen at the front. This is what it takes to deserve a warm reception and the Realme has gotten it right.

Realme X50 Pro 5G review

The X50 Pro, either in Rusty Red or Moss Green, is uniquely enough to stand out. Sure, we can get behind the notion of the glass-sandwich design being overstayed its welcome, but until a better and more meaningful concept makes history, the glass phones will remain to rule the market.

One thing the Realme X50 Pro can brag with is the matt finish on the rear glass. It's really nice to look at and even better to feel it while handling the phone. The glass, especially when cold, feels like metal and yet it's not, and allows for these multiple layers of semi-transparent paint to magically quilt this rusty red color you are seeing.

Realme X50 Pro 5G review

The matt finish transitions onto the aluminum frame making for a seamless design, beautifully executed and sturdily crafted out Gorilla Glass 5.

The Realme X50 Pro has a completely flat front - it's all screen protected with Gorilla Glass 5. The display employs a 6.44" OLED panel with elliptical notch for the dual-selfie camera. And it's a real dual setup with regular and ultrawide snappers, so we'd consider it a fair trade for the missing pixels.

Realme X50 Pro 5G review

The earpiece is etched within the screen enclose, a common technique nowadays, and it's quite thin and well concealed. The good news is that it also doubles as a speaker, pretty loud at that, and so the X50 Pro can brag with a stereo speaker setup.

Realme X50 Pro 5G review

The display hides more premium treats than meet the eye. First - it supports 90Hz refresh rate, meaning it can show 90fps provided the GPU can handle it (it can). And second, underneath that bright OLED screen is the fastest optical fingerprint scanner available right now - the same you'd find on the OnePlus 7T and Realme X2 series.

Realme X50 Pro 5G review

The rear Gorilla Glass 5 is eye-catchy, whether it's green or red, and it is bent towards the frame. Such curves became very popular lately and there is a good reason - this type of shape is considered premium as it is more expensive to make, plus it makes up for a slimmer profile and more pleasant, even if slippery, handling.

The four cameras at the back share one vertical hump. First is the 12MP tele shooter, followed by the 64MP primary, then comes the 8MP ultrawide snapper, and finally is the 2MP depth sensor. The bump is surprisingly short, but still enough to make the X50 wobble on a desk.

Realme X50 Pro 5G review

The metal frame is slightly curved and has the nice matte finish we experienced on the back. Thanks to this non-glossy persistence the Realme X50 Pro feels more secure in hand than the regular glass phones and gives you just enough peace of mind so you may ditch the provided case.

Realme X50 Pro 5G review

The bottom of the X50 Pro has the USB-C port, the SIM tray, the mouthpiece and here is also the second speaker. The volume keys are on the left, while the power key is on the right and has a thin yellow line for some reason (not that we are complaining).

Realme X50 Pro 5G review

The Realme X50 Pro was made in line with today's standards for both shape and size and nobody will have any issues with it, unless you are waiting for the next iPhone SE to pop up. The phone feels thin and light enough, while handling it is nothing short of a premium deal. The one thing we miss is proper water protection, but we guess on such a low price we got more than we bargained for.

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If you are a selfie lover.. Don't buy this phone.. I bought this phone mainly for gaming and photography. It satisfied me with it's gaming performance. But the camera is one of the worst in this price range. It's got a great display,Su...

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Yes, it does.