Realme X50 Pro 5G review

16 April 2020

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  • kunjan

Wiz, 22 Aug 2021Is the realme x50 pro have dolby atmos?yes

  • Anonymous

If you are a selfie lover.. Don't buy this phone.. I bought this phone mainly for gaming and photography. It satisfied me with it's gaming performance. But the camera is one of the worst in this price range. It's got a great display,Super Loud Speaker, Superfast charging,Really Good Battery Backup,Buttery smooth UI and a Beautiful back glass. That's it. The UI is (even if it's smooth) one of the worst and featureless in android. The pro mode in camera is a joke with very poor quality than auto. The phone doesn't capture what we see on the screen. Even in pro mode, you can't get what you need. And the RAW capture is just useless with wrong colour tint.No RAW in Optical Zoom or Wide angle. No fully functional GCAM is made for this phone.And the front camera is worse than a 13000 rupees phone's in low light.Yes, it's front camera is worse than that old Realme 5 pro's front camera in low light.This phone is a big 'No' for photographers.

  • Sev

Wiz, 22 Aug 2021Is the realme x50 pro have dolby atmos?Yes, it does.

  • Wiz

Suresh A, 28 May 2021Best phone with best price ...with all advance latest featu... moreIs the realme x50 pro have dolby atmos?

  • Suresh A

Best phone with best price ...with all advance latest feature and future ready with Android upgrade.. currently I m using android 11 and realme UI 2.0

renato, 31 Jan 2021is this unit also can connect to 4G internet? thanks for reply.Went with redmi poco x3 because screen is bigger I'm old geezer needing a bigger screen to read, not heavy since I pound hammers n lug jig saws and lumber every week. Fast charging, charge only next day I wake up with 26 percent unlike my iphone 10 n samsung dead in the morning. Plus 200 dollars or p10000 pesos on sale in Philippines it's good deal. Average camera? Dude it's all about composition. Photos are 10 percent gear and 90 percent composition and artistry. Like saying you have a gibson les paul but bb king would beat you with a used cheap electric from Craigslist. Just saying

  • ptx

So far, good for the price, let's see if it stays reliable on the long term.

  • renato

is this unit also can connect to 4G internet? thanks for reply.

  • Moonburn

This phone is dual SIM????

  • Royal

399 euros is a good price for this device ?

  • Anonymous

Nmanma125, 04 Jul 2020Does the x50 pro Have a multi user Can i added more tha... moreYes

  • Anonymous

i got pro player version 8/128 from online shop in malaysia. only 1979 rm/ 487 usd/ 6.880.000 rp. it is china rom but i can install playstore & support indonesia language.

  • Anonymous

I got one now... Its the great good unique color... And the pics is so great specialy the low light and the ultra macro mode

  • cherry

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2020The 5 year update system of iOS is a giant scam. You get la... moreExacly, every time I hear about the 5 years software updates from Apple, I can only laugh. Barely any new features, many colleagues faced slower devices after update on iPhone 8 (maybe to buy iphone SE 2?) so we stopped the installation of updates. As a personal device I've always had Android, my whole family also. The phones can be amazingly used 5 years, no issues.

  • Anonymous

in indonesia its crazy costly over $150 than Mi10 & stupidly the pre order gimmick was trvelling luggage

a well balanced..all rounder mobile.

Ordered this earlier from Realme in the UK. 5% student discount. Green 128GB. Hadn't seen heard of the phone until this morning!

Full Snapdragon 865, unlike UK S20. "Only" 1080p screen, still don't see the point in QHD at this size. Specs very similar to the OnePlus 8 but the camera is probably better, especially with recent updates brining improvements in that department.

Can't wait to get this into my hands!


gadgetboy, 20 Jul 2020I just ordered the Realme X50 Pro from AliExpress to replac... moreI'm about to also, scared because i've never used this shopping site before.

  • Anonymous

It has a Global version, however it is a Single SIM.

I just ordered the Realme X50 Pro from AliExpress to replace my One Plus 7 Pro. I'm hoping it arrives by mid-August. Rust Red.