Realme X50 Pro 5G

Realme X50 Pro 5G

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Anonymous, 11 Aug 2020Hi guys. I need some advice on which budget flagship to buy... moreHi, to answer your second question the player edition just gets a major downgrade in the camera department, and there are different colours available, but the rest is exactly the same.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2020Hi guys. I need some advice on which budget flagship to buy... moreI myself would go for the Realme X50 Pro. I don’t like pop-up cameras. But if you are good with them, then yeah! Poco f2 pro.

  • Anonymous

Hi guys. I need some advice on which budget flagship to buy. My current choices are the Poco f2 Pro (360€ for the 6/128 Chinese version (380€ with unlocked bootloader), 400€ for global), the realme x2 pro (Chinese ver, 8/256 for 400€) or the realme x50 pro (Chinese ver, 8/256 for 470€) or its 8/128gb "player edition" for 460€. Also, what's the difference between 1) the Chinese and global versions and the unlocked bootloader option 2) the realme x50 pro's normal and player editions?

  • Ice

I read that there is a problem with the conversation. The screen does not turn off when you speak. Whereby, the ear is pressed random icons.
Can anyone share their observations?

  • AnoM

Dhanush, 07 Aug 2020Hey guys, I'm planning to buy a new budget flagship ph... moreAnother kind of comment, all these brand are reliable regardless of which one you pick, as these are genuine brand.
I would say you start with the one that is within your budget, then only look further to compare the pros and cons.
For me, UI consideration is in the lower priority as UI are subjective to individual, and most of the UI can do the things for job done, just with different UI method.
I will say the hardware specs are more important than UI.
Fluidity wise, I will say flagship grade Snapdragon processor with Android 10 smartphone are much smoother than before, and the speed different is negligible, unless you are being too picky with that little speed increase or decrease. Camera also one of the subjective matter. I would say up to this day, camera no more is a concern, unless you are being too picky for pixel peeping as that is not the proper way for viewing photo too, you won't lost your precious moment with the smartphone of any brand for photo capture, as the benchmark still is on DSLR. Meaning if you really serious about photography, take DSLR, smartphone camera is still junk compare to DSLR, but you won't see much different now with social media.

Dhanush, 07 Aug 2020Hey guys, I'm planning to buy a new budget flagship ph... moreIn my opinion Oneplus 8 is better here because it is reliable in terms of user experience. Their UI is well optimised while on other brands like Realme you may face minor software issues. So just play safe because at the end user experience and satisfaction is the most important and basic thing which matters the most.

Headphone jack absence is an annoying problem in most of the phones these days but this can be solved by buying some decent pair of wireless earphones.

DrummerAJL, 15 Jul 2020Both have their reasons and advantages. I'd say the Re... morexiaomi changed macro lens become tele lens on redmi k30 pro zoom edition,,with spec as same as poco f2 pro..

  • Raja Rehman

Dhanush, 07 Aug 2020Hey guys, I'm planning to buy a new budget flagship ph... moreIf you want overall performance without going behind brand then Realme X50 Pro anyday. If U want brand name then Oneplus 8

Heya ppl. I wonder how much is this phone curved from the side? As much as Mi note 10? It seems from photo it has slight curve.

  • Dhanush

Hey guys, I'm planning to buy a new budget flagship phone. My options are Oneplus 8, Realme X50pro & Vivo Iqoo3. But I am finding it difficult to make a final decision due to the following points.
1. Realme is feature packed, Good camera, Super fast Charging, but misses out on the stylish Curved display & also hesitant to spend flagship money on a Realme phone (No headphone jack)
2. Oneplus has the best design, Software experience & brand image but has a sub-par camera for the price (No headphone jack)
3. Vivo Iqoo3 similar specs, Fast Charging, Gaming features - No Curved display, Inconsistent camera & Video quality, No brand value - (Has Headphone Jack & DAC)
Alternate options - OP7T - Lesser battery capacity, Samsung - Pricey, Exynos & Bloated UI
I cannot stretch my budget beyond Rs.42K. Need your suggestions

4K@30/60fps is wrong, should be 4K@30fps.

  • Anonymous

Hi guys,im planning to buy this phone and to those who already own this device kindly give some news about the phone camera battery performance and some pros and cons, thank so much I will really appreciate it

  • Anonymous

No sd Card slot. Make Atleast Hybrid slot. I really need sd card slot.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2020Thanks!Does the video quality improved? im planning to buy this one

  • Anonymous

Fan, 11 Jul 2020We'll need to wait as expectedYes,it might be according to revu Philippines

  • Anonymous

whyler, 01 Aug 2020Yes,bit does have 960fps. I own this phone, checked it.Thanks!

  • whyler

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2020is there 960 fps slow motion? GSMArena I'm thinking of... moreYes,bit does have 960fps. I own this phone, checked it.

  • Anonymous

Gamemixer, 21 Jul 2020I've one for 1 month now, and the camera is really goo... moreokay so is there both 4k 60 fps and a 960 fps slow motion option? thank you for answering if you do.

  • Anonymous

is there 960 fps slow motion? GSMArena I'm thinking of buying this phone and I think it does have 960 fps. when i search if it has 4k 60 fps, it doesn't mention 960 fps. if i search for if there is 960 fps on x50 pro, it doesn't mention 4k 60 fps. so I'm very confused.

  • Anonymous

jdrali, 10 Mar 2020until now there is no mobile combine only 3 criteria : 1-... moreyou can have Sony Xperia 1 II to which satisfy's your requirement