Realme X7 Max 5G

Realme X7 Max 5G

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  • Throwaway420

Realme x7 max or mi 11 lite ?

  • Narasimha

September update causing battery drain issue. Hope it should solve in next update. August update was good.

  • Anjan

RishiGuru, 11 Oct 2021Oppo never devoted too much time & attention to audio q... moreYou forgot to mention lg g7

Kumar, 06 Oct 2021Audio quality is very bad in every headphone wireless wired... moreOppo never devoted too much time & attention to audio quality through 3.5mm audio jack. Same goes for its sub-brands Realme, OnePlus & Narzo. Standing in 2021 I am just thankful they were kind enough to at-least included an audio jack in Realme X7 Max.

Smartphones have pretty much taken over as the primary source of music for most people and smartphone manufacturers took this opportunity to kill the wired audio market so they could sell overpriced, mediocre wireless garbage to consumers.

I have Realme X2 Pro (12/ 256GB) which is considered by many the best smartphone to ever adorn a Realme tag. It is basically a OnePlus 7T at half the price, and Oppo never allowed this feat to be repeated again as it will become a direct clash between its sub-brands. Even X2 Pro's audio through headphone jack is just ok to me.

So If you want audio quality & headphone jack in a smartphone look for an used LG G8X, LG V40, LG V30+ (alas, LG is out of smartphone business) and that QuadDAC is simply awesome. Next are Vivo top-tier flagships like Vivo NEX S, audio quality is as sublime as
LG flagships.

  • Kumar

RishiGuru, 11 Aug 2021How is the audio quality through headphone jack? Provide... moreAudio quality is very bad in every headphone wireless wired mids highs lows like cheap Chinese phone, I used boatrockerz 610, Sony Wh Ch510, mi hi res earphone
Not a single headset work's good with Realme X7Max

  • Mahi sharma

Battery drain issue

  • Chaitanya

lte+ network speedtest between oppo reno 5g vs realme x7 max has surprising results. oppo reno wins the race in network speeds.

can any please explane why ?

  • Rahul Bhardwaj

After The Latest Update (A.18) There Are So Many Problems Like Battery Draining Issue and BGMI Does Not Support 90 FPS. Please Fix these issues specially battery Draining Issue. All over the phone is Very Good....

  • Anonymous

Battery drain is a big problm

  • Aaryan kr Sharma

Plzz manage your battery draining problem
It's is draining too much
I'm very angry about this.
Thank you

  • Kamal Choudhary

Sanjay vaghela, 20 Sep 2021Don't buy gaming mobail. 70 fps fix. 😭 Please 90 fps addAnd sound delay also on Bluetooth headphone, even on realme wireless neo 2, huge sound delay

  • Jack Anderson

Does anyone feel the screen of this phone is a bit narrow, which makes content consumption not enjoyable and immersive?

  • Sanjay vaghela

Don't buy gaming mobail. 70 fps fix. 😭 Please 90 fps add

Hello,anyone experiencing auto-brightness issue?sometimes Brightness does not change automatically based on the environment...Not sure if it's only me🤔

  • SK

With offers around 20k is good deal for this.,..above 25k is not justify....wait for big billion day (India) i

which camera is better
default camera
Google camera

  • Anonymous

Rajesh, 14 Sep 2021Any one please help me Is android update Is better or not ... moreIn general, the update means improving device stability and performance along with security.
But unfortunately, some updates mess up with bugs. in that case, we don't have a choice unless you install and experience the bugs.

  • Rajesh

Any one please help me
Is android update Is better or not
When update battery becomes drain or not?

  • Anonymous

Anjan, 13 Sep 2021Don't use always on display. Use battery saving mode. ... moreI get 1.5 days of battery backup. I have AOD, WiFi on and data is on and there 5 sync apps continuously on sync. I have a total of 65 apps. I don't listen to music or watch vidoes. I kept auto-refresh rate only.

  • Narasimha

haru9, 12 Sep 2021any trick for improving battery performanceI have a good battery life of around 1.5 days. I have all the apps for an IT person who is required. Like one Gmail account, office email, Office chat app precisely outlook and teams, another slack app. these are continuously on sync. There is a total of 65 apps were installed. I get good battery backup.