Red promises free aluminum Hydrogen One for those who ordered titanium version over a year ago

Enrique, 27 September 2018

Red opened pre-orders for a smartphone built by the high-end camera manufacturer over a year ago and those who plopped down $1,600 for the highest-tier Titanium version have been patiently waiting for the phone to be shipped.

Red was supposed to begin shipping Titanium devices to backers on October 9 but an update from the Red’s founder, James Jannard, has posted an update on Red’s forums titled “The post I don’t want to make”.

Jannard starts by saying that the first batch of Titanium units “is a disaster” and continues to explain that the suppliers and vendors were so sure that they would be able to have enough Titanium for pre-orders but underestimated. We don’t blame Red, after all, titanium is a very hard metal (both figuratively and literally) to work with.

All RED cameras are made in California at our factory in Orange County. We have control over everything. Unfortunately, we are not in the same position with HYDROGEN. We are left to rely on the schedules and representations of our suppliers. In this case… we were let down pretty severely.

So in order to make it up to those who committed to pay the full price 14 months ago, Red will ship backers an Aluminum version of the phone to these people first. In addition to getting the first Aluminum versions available, they will receive the Titanium versions once they do materialize and will get to keep the aluminum version for free as a token of their patience.

Verizon and AT&T are supposed to start selling the phone on November 2, but given the delays with the titanium model, that date is subject to being pushed back again.



Reader comments

  • W
  • 05 Oct 2018
  • F@2

I didn't order a Titanium to get a free Aluminium. I'm happy. The reviews are not even what I expected.

  • Old Fart
  • 29 Sep 2018
  • sXk

No, just a recognotion that folks gave a vote of confidance with their money.

does this mean I get 3 aluminum versions for my 3 pre-orders? that would be suhweet. just use one or two and then sell all 3 when the titanium arrives. then i woke up from my wet dream.

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