Redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold finally goes on sale in the US on September 27

Vlad, 23 September 2019

Earlier this month Samsung finally made the redesigned Galaxy Fold official, and the phone has gone on sale in its home country of South Korea in the meantime. Later this week, the device will become available in the US as well.

Samsung has officially announced that the redesigned Fold is hitting select AT&T and Best Buy stores on September 27. That's also when you'll find it in Samsung Experience stores. Both Best buy and Samsung will offer AT&T and unlocked versions. You can pick between Cosmos Black and Space Silver, color-wise.

Redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold finally goes on sale in the US on September 27

The foldable handset comes with Galaxy Fold Premier Service, which nets you the opportunity to consult with a Fold Concierge who will walk you through the device, the in-box materials, and the included accessories. And any time you have a question about the Galaxy Fold, or are looking for tips, you can reach specialists at a toll-free number that's available 24/7. The Fold Concierge can also be contacted through the Samsung Members app via video chat.

With every purchase of the Galaxy Fold you get a free pair of Galaxy Buds earphones as well as a custom aramid fiber case, which features "thin and durable materials in a sleek design", according to the Korean company.

If you want to learn more about the redesigned Galaxy Fold, don't miss our hands-on review.



Reader comments

Paying 2000 euros or dollars for a phone which durability is far worse than china made plastic toys is no for me. Samsung can really keep this device. I wonder if anyone will buy it. Insurance for this device to protect it from any and all t...

  • Anonymous
  • 24 Sep 2019
  • 2Au


  • Gandalfdenvite
  • 24 Sep 2019
  • 38E

Prototype phones not yet fully developed should never be sold to the public, and for more than 1000$ the buyer have the rights to demand that it can survive normal use!

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