LG G2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Sony Xperia Z1: The triumvirate

17 October 2013
We’ve been enjoying an open season for a while, and yeah, the shootouts will keep on coming but it’s a different kind of game now. What we have here is exactly the type that can, and will, see...

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  • AnonD-132922

AnonD-19190, 18 Oct 2013sony is best in almost all aspects. samsung and lg both use... moreGeezz,...Did you read the article???

  • AnonD-61784

The winner is Xperia Z1.
-It has the best looking handset
-Best Camera department
-Best build premium quality
-Dust n water resistant
-Best UI; looks elegant and clear, not cartoonish UI

3 GB RAM is not realy different in daily usage over 2 GB

  • Anonymous

AnonD-19190, 18 Oct 2013I love Sony Good to see a devoted guy even there are many problems with this phone. But it will receive many bug updates.
Enjoying it.

  • AnonD-19190

I love Sony

  • AnonD-19190

but here no doubt samsung note 3 have a edge in ram and processor because xperia z1 announced and lunched much time before. but you all should remeber that xperia z1 defeated by note 3 not by a high score.and this very bad news for samsung and its fan that note 3 have a higher processor and 1 gb higher ram and cheater in benchmarks

same on samsung

  • AnonD-19190

sony is best in almost all aspects. samsung and lg both uses higher cpu then xperia but sony xperia z1 is easily take 2nd place in this test but all samy fans remember samsung caught for cheating, secondly in software customized department every fan have different choice, i love sony interface. thirdly in camera deppt, both samsung and LG cant defeat sony's 20 mp in any sense here only difference is that gsm arena pick z1 unit that have demo softwre and they mention it....

  • AnonD-106907

As i read the winner... the truly winner is the samsung galaxy note, better camera, more ram, running android 4.3 it has poor video taking but for me is excellent

  • AnonD-105322

AnonD-70081, 18 Oct 2013I think all three are so good that I'm so confused now, lov... morethen get IP5s ... it's handy and beautiful phone

  • AnonD-70081

I think all three are so good that I'm so confused now, love the screen/size of the LG G2, love the screen and S pen and battery of the note 3, love the build of the Z1 is superb, hate the curved glossy plastic looks of the G2, hate the oversize and cheap plastic looks of note 3, hate battery life and bezels of the Z1, maybe in 2014 there would be one with the xperia looks, the note battery life, the G2 bezels, we are closer to that, last if I have to pick up one of these I would be needing a coin to throw twice.

  • Anonymous

Loved reading this.:)
There's just that something about GSMArena's reviews that make it the most popular site about pocketables on the planet

  • Chupacabra

Beauty of Android is the great selection of top notch devices. I own the Note 3 but would've been happy with any of the devices. Unfortunately, Note 3 is flawed with multi-touch issues:


Hope Samsung can fix it via firmware otherwise I'll have to return it considering Note 2 didn't have this issue.

  • rex

Oooo stop sony' lovers u cant see its place 3 in every aspect?!!
its clear z1 is behind 2others,.

Sony's cheap ui and weaker battery everytime.

i easily take htc one for king 2013 if we account date of introduced.

  • AnonD-115286

Generally, an overall fair and professional review + comparison. But I have some suggestions for GSMarena team:

1)Please include charging-time from 0% to 100% in your battery test in future

2)Please review phone's temperature under 3 conditions - idle, heavy gaming for 30+mins and charging for 15+mins in future

3)Please make a further review on any water-resistance phone of their capabilities in taking shot and video underwater in future

Thanks and Regards

  • AnonD-99220

sony please solve the wieving angle then we want to see wat problem do they get

  • AnonD-99220

sony is high class.Z1 is king:)

  • AnonD-188496

sony is the best android phone

  • Anonymous

Chris, 17 Oct 2013Yes dispute its average video and low light. The LG G2 is t... moreNo .. Each phone is good in something, you're just an fanboy ..

  • Chris

Yes dispute its average video and low light. The LG G2 is the best android of 2013. And it wins again. Well done LG.