LG G2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Sony Xperia Z1: The triumvirate

17 October 2013
We’ve been enjoying an open season for a while, and yeah, the shootouts will keep on coming but it’s a different kind of game now. What we have here is exactly the type that can, and will, see...

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That was useful, thanks.

rolin, 24 May 2018NiceIndeed


  • shenal_killer

Note 3 is the best of all no problem i used for 3 years no doubt it fell about 100 times nothing happens

  • TechLord777

Actually, the Galaxy Note 3 is able to capture full-resolution, 4128×2322 still images while recording at any 16:9 video resolution. A 4:3 video resolution (1440×1080p and 320×240p) even allow capturing still images at the maximum possible photo resolution, which is 4128×3096 pixels. Dual-camera cuts off a few pixels from each side for some reason.

What I still wonder about, is:
• Why does digital video stabilisation on all Samsung smartphones work at 720p, 1080p and even 1440p on the S7 (Z2's iSteadyShot worked at 2160p, using a Snapdragon 801? I wonder how.), but not at 480p or 240p? Maybe, it has something to do with the sensor's field of view. But then, using lossless digital zoom (12.9× at 4128×3096 or 13× at 4160×3120) should enable me to use digital image stabilization temporairly.
• I guess, that the only reason, why many smartphones are just able to capture still images during video recording, that have the same aspect ratio as the video, was even mentioned on the TouchWiz NatureUX 2.x camera interface. A warning message, which appears when trying to enable digital video stabilization (Samsung calls it VDiS), tells the user, that still images captured during stabilized video recording have a wider field of view than the video's FoV itself. Even the Nintendo3DS captures images with 480p 4:3 resolution, but on the live viewfinder, there is a 5:3 preview. Opening the gallery also shows you a 5:3 image initially, but zooming out then shows you the full FoV.

But the S4's Snapdragon S600 and even S3 and Note 2 allow still-image capturing during video recording. The former one even with VDIS enabled.

  • Mahdi

My advise is Z1, i have had it for about 14 months and i never have problem with it.


  • Pag

I have been using lg g2 from last 8 months. there are total 5 phones in my family. ( Joint Family) . we all are very happy with this phone. used samsung and lg phone before.

  • Pag

Lg is the best..

  • AnonD-421782

Guys my rating is
1:note 3
3:lg g2

  • AnonD-421782

Hey guyss plz tell me lg g2 vs xperia z1 which is best?

  • piyush shah

Z1 sony Experia is NOT having good resolution, internal brightness is high, NO Gujrati font even though big byers are Gujrati, once if Close at lack of Network, u have to open with closing device everyday 3-5 time, horrible piece, dont buy Xperia series. Piyush

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-345755

Sony Xperia Z1 - no one phone are bee longer in use more than year, but Z1 is the best, never got a problems, lot of times falled on the asphalt or other places, just scrached frame and anything still works perfect. I'm happy with my 📱 10+

  • Htet

I can use my phone's camera under water :) I can tell with people into the rain.

  • g2z1n3

1. Note 3 - compact lightweight, rich in multitasking, a lot of UI Features, has an s pen
2. Xperia z2 - premium design, exellent camera(if you know how to use it manually), water-dust resistance
3. Lg G2 - small bezels, OIS, has some features in UI

1.no fm radio, might lag sometimes
1. Big bezels, loud speaker is quiet, add some features in UI
3.Plastic body, no microsd card slot

  • hussain

No othr smart phone is as smooth as XPERIA Z1...n camera results r really awesome...i love mah Z1...no othr phone can compete it...

  • TTech

thiru, 14 May 2014Note 3 has the worst screen ever. Dropped of the coffee tab... moreI just got done fixing a Z1S's broken screen, so saying the screen broke means nothing. I have a Note3 and I think its a great phone, it also has image stabilization for video (I do think phones with front facing speaker grills do the best for sound though, HTC ect). After holding and looking at the Z1S I still can't believe that this is a new phone, the bezel was huge, and overall it felt outdated when I was using it briefly. The phone I had before the Note3 was a Galaxy Nexus (very poor sound).

  • jayr

Still, I love samsung n0te 3..

  • AnonD-237024

Wow, Z1 got completely smashed in this.