LG G2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Sony Xperia Z1: The triumvirate

17 October 2013
We’ve been enjoying an open season for a while, and yeah, the shootouts will keep on coming but it’s a different kind of game now. What we have here is exactly the type that can, and will, see...

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  • thiru

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2014 Poly carbonate is not just cheap plastic, it is the main ... moreNote 3 has the worst screen ever. Dropped of the coffee table and the screen shattered

  • AnonD-245431

Excellent review...just happened on it. As an LG2 owner initially, I exchanged in November 3 weeks later for the Note3. As an iPhone user since day one, I can't tell you how incredible the N3 is. ANYONE saying the new Sammy phones 'lag' is A)Ignorant (hasn't used a 2012-13 TouchWiz phone) or B) Just plain IGNORANT!!! I've got the 5s (iPhone) as my personal...the N3 as my business phone (exchanged from the LG2...from the Note 1). I've always held a passion for BOTH iOS and Android...still have my original Xoom and it's still kicking! I've owned each iPhone, each iPad and a half dozen Android tabs and phones. There is NOTHING on the market that competes (yet) with the Note3, other than the 5s. That's the simple truth and as an owner of both---for 6 months now, I'm convinced I know what I'm talking about. There is no 'lag' any longer on these high end Android builds. Finally the SoC power, RAM and software refinement have managed to 'un-goo' the Java layer frosting on top:)
The Sony? It's tough to see all these 'pro' Sony comments. They ARE Early in the Smartphone game. They're notorious for proprietary BS...have been since day one. They're big hit now, the PS4 is what's keeping Sony afloat. It's tough to put eggs in an unproven basket on a two year contract when the others have actually now gotten to the point they're incredibly powerful---and WELL Supported. TouchWiz is a brilliant UI. Samsung just tried to do 'too much' initially...this latest round, the GNote 3, new S5, etc....all are basing their characteristics on 'refinement' of the software...and the SoC/RAM to power them 'lag-free'. I can't say the same for my Note 1. It drove me crazy how slow it was...but it was at a time I was also using the iPhone 4s, a refined, 5th generation device with the app store to back it up. Initially the N1 was considered a 'tablet' and most of the Play Store apps weren't compatible with a 'tablet'. Not the case any longer. The Note 3 FLAT FLIES!!!!
As far as the 'benchmark cheats'....check out Anandtech's reviews of the Note 3, and the admission 'most' OEMs are using bench boosts with recognized benchmarking tools. The only ones they concluded weren't using boosts were Apple and I believe Oppo. Kinda interesting....ArsTech did a review as well with 're-tooled' benchmark names so as to not be 'noticed' by the SoC. The difference was 7-12% increases in the phone they decided to 'narc' out---the N3, while each OEM has been found to do the same damn thing! The cool thing is...and maybe it's tough for the younger generation to understand (I'm 43)....we're now carrying 'pocket' computers. Faster than machines just 5 years old that had to plug into a wall...used spinning disks with "Edge" speeds. Today's phones, LTE, the speed and 'Moore's Law' in Mobile acceleration...displays, more software available regardless of iOS or Android than ANY other time in history!!!! And most pieces of software are a buck or two!!!! Those of us that grew up with the Apple IIe as our first computers, pre-M/S, pre 2/3/486 and Pentiums and hard drives, et al....maybe it's easier for us to not fall into the 'cult' trap of Android vs. iOS or in this case Sony vs. LG vs. Sammy. EVERY device is incredible in this review. EVERYONE of them! You. Can't. Go. Wrong. And for the poor dude that keeps asking which to buy....one suggestion, read the review;)

  • lashton

They need to know how to use the Xperia Z1 properly

  • AnonD-236602

Galaxy 1,2,3 the best phones ever all the rest are just copy cats Hans down, POINT BLANK

  • AnonD-235499

I'm taking Note III home. I have to admit Sony's waterproof feature is awesome, but i'm a sucker for everything the Note 3 has.

  • maulana

If you feel your smartphone is the best, can you drop it onto water, huh?!

  • dinesh

rishi, 05 Dec 2013I want to buy a new phone. bt I dnt know what to buy..? I... moreXperia z1

  • Sony Z1!!!!

For me its the Sony Xperia Z1 all the way. Bought one last week & I'm in lov wid it ever since. Battery life is just amazinggggggggg. Wow, gives me 1 & half days wid heavy usahe. Believe me I browse all the time.
Also, performance is awesome. No lag at all unlike my previous Samsung GS2. Samsung phones are crap nowadays. Very laggy.
Also, I'm in love wid the premium design & feel of the Z1. Its simply awesome. & ABOVE ALL, TO BE TRUE I SIMPLY LIKE THE SOPHISTICATED, CINEMATIC INTERFACE OF SONY OVER THE CARTOONISH INTERFACE OF LG & SAMSUNG. Its wayyyyy betterrrrrr. :)

  • Anonymous

Hdk, 13 Feb 2014Z1 Best of sony.Your choice is brand.samsung have no more d... moreLike what you like, but that is non factual and does not make sense.
First of all, all the companies have a design scheme they are following. Not just Samsung. Others just took longer to find one. Secondly the Note 3 has indeed taken a new route of design and it was good too.

  • Hdk

Z1 Best of sony.Your choice is brand.samsung have no more design on each phone.my choice is greater camera & waterproof.thanks sony.great work.

  • Aki Bambarayon

Ive been with z1 for almost 2 months...i dont know about lg, but seriously i spent almost a weeks to decide between z1 or note 3... The price range are not too big...

Honestly, there are pros n cons... Base on my experience with asus padfone 2 battery, the life span of nonremovable battery is quite short..this battery things give me feeling that z1 is going to be fragile... I did use this phone to take about a 5 minutes video, and it suddenly stopped with a notification ur videocamera lens is hot..please wait a while for it to.cool down...something like that...

but i still bought z1 as their trustee case hence it waterproof n dust resistance..

If you not kind of hardware picky, but still need the water n dust proof, go for samsung ultra..

  • Anonymous

I love it that the reviewer has been thorough: everything you need to make a choice, and more.

  • praveen

Lg g2 is the best smart phone i never see dis type of phone in lg specially rear key was awesome and camera was great performance totally amazing phone....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-198076, 20 Oct 2013Lost? haha lost at what?? Every review I read puts the Z1 ... more Poly carbonate is not just cheap plastic, it is the main component of bullet proof glass. Incredibly strong and impact resistant, it is what the glass industry turns to when the very best and strongest glass won't stand up to the abuse required for a task. Such as race car windows, airplane windows, an security glass/bulletproof. Real glass, no matter how it is treated or formulated will still fracture.


1. Note 3
2. LG G2
3. Anything but Sony

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1034, 15 Jan 2014Sony is d Best !Not quite. But nice still.

  • AnonD-1034

Sony is d Best !

  • abdul wahab

Beautiful pons

  • Anonymous

passport13, 29 Dec 2013yes! totally~! "We all live in a Z1 submarine, Z1 s... moreHaha. Now that just made it better! XD
Total win

  • AnonD-210641

The G2 is awesome, so many cool features, the screen is beautiful and the size is perfect. The Note 3 is a bit too big for me, and don't really need a stylus, but a great phone nonetheless. I personally would never buy anything Sony, had way too much of their crap in the past, so I'm biased in that respect.

  • passport13

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2013Lol. Now if it came yellow we could live in it :)yes! totally~!
"We all live in a Z1 submarine,
Z1 submarine, Z1 submarine"