Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo review: Size me up

12 February 2014
Samsung's Grand lineup, in its short history, has been all about two things: screen size and dual SIM support on a shoestring budget. With screen real estate getting cheaper all the time, Grand phones are targeting fans of big screens who aren't...

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  • shahul 5162

Im using grand neo...its an awesome product from samsung group..very good performance

  • sanjanan

Not atol good..vry slow lyk candy crush hangs up in btwn..poor battery ol is still not a good fone..need sumthng new..!!

  • sonu

Pls tell me the best phone grand quattro or grand neo I wana buy one

  • Goutham rajeev

Its a awesome phone ,verry fast, no hang, supper fast in 2g in 3g its high speed, and its primary camera is 5 mp secondary camera is vga but both camaras are verry good in quality than other 5 mp and vga cameras its led flash is vry power full. When we cary this phone in our hand its a royal style. Its a awesome phone I suggest SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND NEO. Its a awsom and vry gud phone its have 8 gb internal and 1 gb for ram 3 gb for user and author memmory for the phone apps this arNgements make the phone smoother and faster. Thees are my experiance by using this phone.
I have some suggetions to the neo users plz use screen gaurd and flip cover( if u get chase covering flip cover its gud) at first time plz charge the phone for 6 hourse continuesly with out use(swch off it), and please don't charge more than 2 hours its reduce the life..
Thank you.

  • sawant

Samsang grand neo so good no hang very popular &chep rate handsat good good no compair any othet only samsang.-------

  • p.k.sethi berhampur

I buy on 23rd feb. grand galaxy neo realy it is a good one .

  • Anonymous

So I can buy grand qurtro storage 8 gb price 15550 why spand 3000 more


  • reality

good phone try it before you judge....

  • Black Adder

anyone agrees with me that huge screens are no longer a must get these days? I have a 5 incer but i`m kindof sick of it, i think i`ll go lower this year, that thing is too big and anoying to carry.

  • AnonD-233247

always samsung doing the same mistake as using the 5 mp camera in middle end mobiles.... there is many like this as samsung grand ...quattro...etc

  • Tush

Again same desine by samsung.think new desine..........

  • Anonymous

I really wonder if samsung designers are not sick for real of this design over and over again.

  • AnonD-26941

yet another crappy phone from -every day a phone- Samsung...
what is the difference between this and the original grand???

  • luisinhoens90

Veronica, 12 Feb 2014WVGA? My smaller Nexus 4 has higher resolution, my friends ... moreThese still are former flagships so they used to have the best technology back then. I'm not defending Grand 2, actually it's a mediocre package at best, but it was never meant to have mid nor high end specs so in order to have big screen state they decided to sacrifice everything else. People who actually have a Galaxy Grand are definitely not getting this one, this is ok for newcomers which don't want to spend all the budget for the regular Grand 2 (just like the Note 3 Neo). It's price should get lower in the coming months, it's definitely not competitive right now.

  • Anonymous

what? €250? it has the same price as Galaxy Mega Duos.

  • that_guy

This phone is horrible, not based on the exterior design that's pretty much the same tired thing we have been watching since GS3. My comment is based on the fact that xperia c and/or moto g offer way better performance than this PoS phone and cost either the same or less. Even Chinese brands like iNew V3 or Xiaomi are way better

Shame on this one Sammy!

  • Anonymous

So many samsungs.

  • Veronica

WVGA? My smaller Nexus 4 has higher resolution, my friends HTC One is smaller an higher even higher resolution.
Even the super small iPhone 4 has higher resolution.

  • AnonD-53679

AnonD-134497, 12 Feb 2014The review is really good but the device is horrible....We basically pay more for a downgrade...