LG G Pro 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Royal duel

19 March 2014
No other pair of droids will have you sitting on a fence like these two. Alright, a bold statement indeed. But if anything in it is to be taken literally, it’s the fence. In the end though, home turf for both, this isn’t about which side has the greener lawn...

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  • Anonymous

GPro 2 better note 3low quality

  • jorjinho

Note 3 the best phone

  • Anonymous

I expected to see a comparison of the panorama modes, the Note 3 can take 360 degree panoramas at 60MP, so how does the G Pro 2 stack up?

  • Anonymous

rakesh reballi, 11 Jun 2014Yes g pro is the excellent model comparison 2 note 3Nope

  • rakesh reballi

Yes g pro is the excellent model comparison 2 note 3

  • Sola

LG G2 is no pushover, it holds its own in this comparison but Note 3 is the Swiss Army knife of smartphones. Still the yardstick.

  • Anonymous

kasun, 14 May 2014whenever LG G pro 2 is better than note 3G Pro 2 is good. But the Note 3 is the original not the late knock off.

  • kasun

whenever LG G pro 2 is better than note 3

  • AnonD-71406

Lg is way better

  • AnonD-260598

I loved this article. It is non biased.

  • Lol

AnonD-209094, 20 Mar 2014"less than stellar marketing", reason for G2's fa... moreFailed. You are deluded by prejudice my friend

  • Yosep

Too late for, i have bought Note3

  • AnonD-188223

Well as far as the note 3 goes. I am not too impressed. Taking the note 2 and the S4. Then making one ohone? Come on they can do lots better than that. Then only increasing the size by .02. Wow innovation at its best. Then there is the lg g pro 2. Adding a few bell and whistles and keeping the guts of the g2. Not real smart i would say. Now functionality. They are both the same. So it is all about preference. Who do you like? Me lg. Pretty sweet apps on the lg. So i will go that route. That is if it is ever released to the us. Who are you going to spend your money on?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2014Ois+ made my decision...dont really use the pen on my previ... moreCool. Better optics despite lacking OIS and being older made the decision for most others.
As well as G Pro 2 just being a Note 3 copy made to compete with Note 3.
Better display and more functional software with the option of having the pen adds into that as well.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-237024, 09 Apr 2014The only thing I don't like about them both is the build qu... morePoly Carbonate is high grade/premium plastic. And more practical/durable.
Aluminum is no less a cheap/recyclable material than glass or plastic. As well as being dent/scratch prone, and more heat sensitive.

Nor is it everyone's preference...So no.

  • Anonymous

Ois+ made my decision...dont really use the pen on my previous note 1 & note 2. 6", super thin bezel, convenient back button + ois+. Enough for me to jump ship to the gp2.

  • AnonD-233025

Wow thats the best they can do against a phone that came out 7 months ago.. Makes me feel even better about my Note 3. As does the S5.

  • AnonD-237024

The only thing I don't like about them both is the build quality. I understand its cheaper and more durable to have plastic, but IMHO, if you're going to make a premium phone, at least make it with premium materials like Apple does (excluding the 5c).

  • Mawetkuany

AnonD-228898, 22 Mar 2014I have samsung note 3 and I love it..its awesome phoneIt's awesome indeed. I love the machine and I live everything in Note 3 package. Thumb up! I hold this device since December 2013 and been new to me all day all the time. Bravo! samsung galaxy....

  • prit

nice gadgets it's amazing ....