Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet review: Elemental

04 April 2014
Thinnest, lightest, highest water resistance – there are plenty of superlatives you can throw at the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet – prettiest is another, though that one's more subjective. What is certain is that Sony has crafted one of the best tablets of 2014...

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  • Hassaam
  • KIB
  • 10 Jul 2022

Can i upgrade sony tablet sot21 4.1.1 android to 5.1.1 android any one Can help how to upgrade that device am from Pakistan

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    • Bo3adsa
    • L2P
    • 07 Feb 2021

    People who own this and don't know what to with it now it's old technology . Here an idea, you can use it as a digital picture frame. You're welcome

      I bought my xperia z2 in a Japanese recycle store. It always starts perfectly, with no probs at all in diagnostics. Perfect. But after
      different times of use,
      1) always loses stability (everything jumps/flickers) and
      2) screen touch response lost, in some parts of the screen.
      Do you know, please, is there a Sony Refurb dept. To contact?
      I cant find anything.
      Such a, BEAUTIFUL machine.
      When it works. its a dream

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        • Jakob Rasmussen
        • pT4
        • 07 Dec 2014

        Thx for this comprihensiv review.. I myself Got this a couple a days ago, and for my needs its basically overkill, since already got a 7inch 3g HD tablet and a 4 inch mobile (Lumia520), and a stationary computer (Mac pro)at home..

        But the Z2 was offered to a great Price on Black Friday in a big national Danish Electronic-chain (Elgiganten) and useally the prizes in Denmark are some of the highest in the World, because of enormous taxes/moms..

        at Sony Denmark official dealer ( SPG512 E2/B atm cost 750$ (4500DKK)

        The price on the Z2 tablet 32gb ver. went for a few hours Down to 330$. and when you have in mind, that there also rules a cashback in Sony Denmark/Scandinavia on there xperia Z2 serie, where you would get 400DKK (67$) cashback when you delivered purchase-proof..

        So at 263$ for the 32gb Wifi version..its one hell of a tablet, and with the comming Android 5 Lollipop update and PS4 remote play in mind, its definately looks like it has some future packed in it..

        Im pretty familiar with the alternatives, like Galaxy tab pro, Ipad air.. but i gotta give it up for Z2 that solid felling of high-end-product just stands out, with the amazing 6.4mm for a +10inch tablet.. and the huge bezels with only 426g makes it a joy to use and Work with, and hold with one hand..

        The new IP58 rating/certified, looks promissing, but I will wait to check that feature out and put full confident into these completely under-Water tasks..

        all in all, it looks like one hell of tablet for relative Little Money, and partically the front where you can't sense the screen, before it turns on, - goes in harmony with the the hole edgy design..

        Best looking Fellow on the android-tablet-scene in my view, - and the 3GB Ram, comes to good use with the evolving & not least powerdraining Android-materiel.

        I notice in the review about the front only containing white LED statuslight..(carryes other colors like red & green)

        (artikelpast s2:Above the display are the 2.2MP front-facing camera, an ambient light sensor and a status LED. It's in the right corner of the tablet and is so tiny we almost missed it at first. It's just a white LED)

        + it seems it can handle up to 128gb sd cards and not only 64..

        also worth to take into consideration that Sony had promise, there Z2 tablet-owners with features like PS4 remote play (pretty big thing) and uncompressed audio support, and Android 5 lollipop update + some other features..(cudos to Sony, that sounds promissing)

        Like stated i love, the huge bezels and the thin and extreme lightweight, wich makes it a joy to hold, and also very fund of the screen, that i find very relaxing on the eyes, and not least the sideview are impressiv without any glance/glare.

        // antutu 5.3 clocks in at 41.792 on 4.4.2..havent checked it yet on 4.4.4..

        all in all a very impressiv tablet, and i feel I made a bargain bying this 10.1 tablet, just need to suit it up with a magnetic dock... ..

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          • mrJ
          • Ibx
          • 07 May 2014

          ang phet, 07 May 2014Just a few thoughts on ignorant people out there. The Japan... moreWell said, SONY Rocks!!!

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            • ang phet
            • v0q
            • 07 May 2014

            Just a few thoughts on ignorant people out there. The Japanese purposely use bezels in the side for purposes of holding it. The Japanese purposely place the speakers right below so that when you will hold it right, it will have the direct reflecting effect like that of the famous Bose 901. And when you understand technology like the way the Japanese do, you will find their sony phone and tablet, it's all what you wish for practical everyday mobile use. Elsewise, you should be contented with oblivion, antiquity, and apple.

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              • la vianeys
              • P9s
              • 01 May 2014

              No trolling - deliberately antagonizing other brand/model users

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                • ryanmax
                • bJ9
                • 21 Apr 2014

                Disillusioning consequence for the screen, particularly seeing as Sony continued endlessly about it! I don't perceive how an organization that makes a portion of the best Tvs can't culminate a brilliant mobile phone screen see here

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 0Tv
                  • 14 Apr 2014

                  darkraver, 05 Apr 2014oh you BEZEL have become such annoying hi... moreOr -you know- use software like apple does to recognize when the device is being held and not used. Bezels are so ugly and stupid, sharp and lg has proved how much more usable the devices are without bezels. HTC and Sony lololove bezels though, half their devices are a f***ing bezel, people seem to love this.

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                    • AnonD-209094
                    • Kg{
                    • 09 Apr 2014

                    Boris, 07 Apr 2014For an ARM tablet, this is quite decent. Kudos for Sony to ... moreSony already made one, the VAIO TAP 11 is exactly what you are looking for, it even has a digitizer and a pen. Super slim, with keyboard cover, amazing device, i tested it already and would probably buy one if my laptop wasnt in good shape. Not cheap but worth it. The alternative is Vaio Duo 13, a hybrid tablet with pen input, big battery that will last all day but heavier. I would stay away from Vaio Duo 11 though, its an older model that had some weak points.

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                      • AnonD-9017
                      • nwd
                      • 08 Apr 2014

                      Well regardless of what you may say I can't wait to get my hands on mine.
                      Really looking for it.

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                        • thereis
                        • nDN
                        • 08 Apr 2014

                        Boris, 07 Apr 2014For an ARM tablet, this is quite decent. Kudos for Sony to ... morethere is a tablet/pc from sony with windows 8.1 and it's amazing but it's like 1500 usd in my country

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                          • mrJ
                          • Ibx
                          • 08 Apr 2014

                          Way to go SONY! Another top rated product, just like gsm rated it... One of Best in 2014 tablets!!!

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                            • AnonD-251354
                            • t7X
                            • 07 Apr 2014

                            kamikazi, 07 Apr 2014so expensive ! and also not worth the price ! not good ! i ... moreYak!!! Old processor, no sd card slot, ok display color, and super heavy

                              • k
                              • kamikazi
                              • xL}
                              • 07 Apr 2014

                              so expensive ! and also not worth the price ! not good ! i would prefer nexus 10 even its old ! no really good 10 inches right now :(

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                                • Boris
                                • Kij
                                • 07 Apr 2014

                                For an ARM tablet, this is quite decent. Kudos for Sony to produce such premium-looking tablet. Compared to other ARM tablet like iPad, RT, or Samsung one, I like Sony Z tablets better.

                                However I'm moving on to x86 tablet, so I prefer a full Win8.1 tablet with digitizer input. It's more productive.
                                I wish Sony makes an x86 Xperia Z tablet with Win8.1 OS, it will be perfect.

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                                  • AnonD-246723
                                  • tV3
                                  • 07 Apr 2014

                                  adi, 05 Apr 2014Very nice tablet. Still prefer my Lumia 2520 No apps? Who ... moreWell have rt before . The web browsing is terrible . Most of the shortcut and flash content or even java script is missing while android still retain more and smoother . 2520 will lag heavily if open too many tab which annoy me alot . If really want a web browsing tablet asus transformer book t100 is alot better choice and rt is after android .

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                                    • pax
                                    • Sh1
                                    • 07 Apr 2014

                                    Good job SONY!
                                    Building on the Tablet Z legacy surely we will see Sony being one of the top tablet manufacturers now.

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                                      • AnonD-209094
                                      • vaN
                                      • 07 Apr 2014

                                      adi, 05 Apr 2014Very nice tablet. Still prefer my Lumia 2520 No apps? Who ... moreWould be too hard to choose between to useless tablets, WinRT or Android. For my personal use i would only consider a Win 8.1 tablet, like Vaio Tap 11 or the hybrid Vaio Duo 13. But RT, its so bad it isnt even funny.

                                      Actually i find iPads to be useless also, just much better than Android and RT.

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                                        • AnonD-155636
                                        • 5Nw
                                        • 06 Apr 2014

                                        adi, 05 Apr 2014Very nice tablet. Still prefer my Lumia 2520 No apps? Who ... moreMost important are in the system right. Internet Explorer? Clock?