Huawei Ascend P7 review: Looking strong

07 May 2014
The Huawei Ascend P7 is the sequel to the ultra-thin P6, the phone that proved, beyond any doubt, Huawei's ability to create visually appealing handsets. The new model builds on the original with a 5" 1080p screen, superior camera and chipset, plus a number of other improvements...

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  • Saad hussain

I'm using this phone and I am so happy with it

  • Jb

This phone sucks always being interrupted with 404 errors from rm 304 Olympia was. Won't charge and produces poor text, video, and phone usage. I want new phone brand new not refabed.

  • DIA

roman, 22 May 2017It supports 4g or not???Are you serios? LMAO this phone is older than the roman empire

  • roman

It supports 4g or not???

  • Anonymous

How can i get the update for lollipop on my device? its not available if I'm to view the update section in settings

  • AnonD-476243

very great design and quality now is cheaper, is about 200 dollar really great choice if you want amazing phone huawei p7

  • AnonD-392330

When I upadate my software to new version...after that my phone is not working properly....

  • Moe

A really nice phone. While I do find the main camera to perform about average (Galaxy S4 takes better pics). The front selfie cam I find to perform very very nicely, it easily beats the S5 in terms of selfies. The graphics performance is very weak, it will be hard pressed to perform at 1080p while scaling the screen down to 720p helps a bit (You can do that in the power saving options!). At it's price point it is recommendable in my opinion, a fresh and different look than the very common Apple/Samsung crowd.

  • imran

Is this phone dual sim

  • niazai

Hey guyz I want to buy p7 phone is it a good phone or na I really want it so plz give info about it

  • helpplz

Please can you help! I am not able to insert emoticons on instagram. Am I the only one? If so plz help me. How do I insert them? I CNT find them!

  • AnonD-379589


  • Anonymous

baba, 10 Sep 2014I have huawei p7 and having problem what's up and Viber not... moreYes. Agreed

  • esther

VIBER's notification was out of order. Each time, users must click on the viber apps first before receiving any text massage. Please rectify this problem, huawei

  • adi

This is d best phone which I got in Huawei.. awesome finishing and performance.. but not happy with UI 2.3 as well all applications are not getting synchronized... somebody please help me in dis...

  • oby

Got it last wknd (300usd)... and it's very cool phone, I love the appearance.

  • ziad

Hi friends..
How can i call video call in this phone ?

  • simon

My display had cracked can we fix it and tell me how to fix it pls

  • RejZoR

Got this phone few days ago and i love it. It makes the rest look like a children toy. The glass on both sides and metal around the edges really gives it a premium feel. OS is also modified beyond recognition but is responsive, super customizable and really looks nice and offers feature that i otherwise only had with rooted phone (enhanced power management, firewall etc). Great display, good camera and it was like 330 € without any contract with my operator. Which is really cheap for a Galaxy S4 grade phone.

  • Anonymous

angel, 30 Sep 2014I have P7-l01,is this original? Why so many unit of huawei p7?supar phon