HTC Desire 816 review: Heart's desire

21 May 2014
HTC has mostly stayed out of the phablet market but the segment is expanding so fast the Taiwanese can’t afford to keep snubbing it. The HTC Desire 816 is only the company's second phablet and it’s the first affordable one. It rides on the premium looks...

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  • Yaksman

Pls I need replacement of my HTC 816 battery how can I get it or where can I buy the original one pls

  • nadeem

In my htc 816 dual sim network is not getting...the same sim is working on my another phone htc m8 but in 816 having a problem with the signal...iz thr any solution for dis...plz help me...

  • Lucky

AnonD-580398, 04 Sep 2016my HTC desire 816 dual jio sim supported,, I m very happy.How dear plz tell me the procedure ... as i m also using the same bt doesnot support 4g

  • jk

Unwanted apps are in built data always open even not in used.. Pls tell me what can I do.

  • AnonD-580398

my HTC desire 816 dual jio sim supported,, I m very happy.

  • slim

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2015Y videos Colling....?direct video call

  • AnonD-501647

This phone sucks ! Very bad experience. Very bad performance! Battery life is horrible. Please try and improve ua phone. N the biggest problem is phone storage. Unwanted apps are in built

  • arapmoi legacy

charuka, 25 Mar 2015Samsung galaxy s4 HTC Desire 816 What is the best phone...It's an HTC ..coz Samsung has no account like the HTC and the Apple phones the HTC account...and Apple account and the sound is much better than any other phones it's camera is just amazing compared to Samsung
Just love HTC 😁😁😁😜

  • Anonymous

How do I change my network mode from E to H or 3G. I'm told its bcos of that I have very weak internet service

  • Sujan

cherry, 03 Jun 2015How is htc.... zz Sim slots are too worst and feeling insane about those slots

  • Chandan

I have used the device for about 1 and half years now. The phone was smooth and friendly for the first few months. After about six months, the camera on the device gave blurs. Thank god, the warranty was available and the service center fixed the camera after a week. They reset my phone (everything gone away) and I was without a phone for a week (lots of inconvenience). After a year, the volume up button failed and the home button worked after trying multiple times. This time I was out of warranty, suddenly the home button started working and I managed a few more months even though the volume up button was completely dead. It's been a year and a half now and my phone just went dead. It cannot even boot. I went to the service center and they say the mother board needs to be changed. It's about 6000 - 7000 INR. It has been about a week now and the service center isn't providing a time to when it will be fixed. I guess they'll again reset the device and everything will be gone. The service center representative said this is a normal issue with the HTC Desire series. Now I think, I made the worst decision going with the HTC. I was a happy user of Sony and Samsung and will never go back to HTC!! HTC now makes cheap phones which can't even last for a year or more. Guys, the device is now yours. From me, its now Good Bye HTC!!

  • AnonD-454999

I have HTC Desire 816

when i have acall only one speaker ring

please i need help

  • sahil khan

Can I know internal memory????

  • Tabakh

My device serial number is not showing, how can i check it?

  • Abdalla

i have been using it 7 months

good things is :

1- speed is perfect
2- camera very nice
3- display good quality

Bad things:

1- touch screen serious problem randomly touched specially when charging and USB connected
2- software and browsing design is different than Samsung and not that good and accurate
3- GPS is not accurate at all .not reliable for driving

  • Anonymous

David Barua, 23 Jun 2015I can't 3g video call my HTC 816Y videos Colling....?

  • Anonymous

anushka, 10 Jun 2015i have htc 816g ,i want to know how to make a video moreUse skype.

  • David Barua

anushka, 10 Jun 2015i have htc 816g ,i want to know how to make a video moreI can't 3g video call my HTC 816

  • anushka

i have htc 816g ,i want to know how to make a video call.plz let me know.

  • cherry

How is htc.... zz