HTC Desire 816 review: Heart's desire

21 May 2014
HTC has mostly stayed out of the phablet market but the segment is expanding so fast the Taiwanese canít afford to keep snubbing it. The HTC Desire 816 is only the company's second phablet and itís the first affordable one. It rides on the premium looks...

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  • Huttra

I'm unable to synhronize my contacts saved in my Google account with D 816

  • Anonymous

I love my HTC desire 816! From iPhone to Android and I will say I will never go back! Camera is great! 4g/3g is fast, battery life is great, I used my power save so it last me all day even on fb,games ect. I have no lag what so ever! And the boom sound well you just gotta try because this phone compared to iPhone 6 I still would pick this one. For a phonetablet, on a cheap network is worth it. Sad that VM disconnected the phone.

  • AnonD-392410

AnonD-392410, 05 May 2015As I type this on May 5th my Desire 816 is upgrading to Lollipop... moreRe: Lollipop update
The update to Lollipop took about 20 minutes so be sure the battery is well charged. The phone works perfectly with no settings or contacts affected. Over the next few days I'll have to see what Lollipop can do.
Note: I have the Virgin Mobile version of this phone. I would guess that unlocked 816s would have similar update results but no guarantees.

  • AnonD-392410

As I type this on May 5th my Desire 816 is upgrading to Lollipop. HTC apparently just released the update. We'll see how this works. Will update post.

  • Anonymous

This phone has very poor network reception, I go into the mall and the bars go to zero, I go into my house and the bars go to zero, this is a total waste of money and anyone wishing to buy it be prepared for the worst

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2015Nice phone...Nice phone

  • Arijit

This phone have any chance to update android lollipop

  • charuka

Samsung galaxy s4
HTC Desire 816

What is the best phone...

  • AnonD-376889

irshad, 13 Mar 2015Hii guyz can i buy htc desire 816?Have you buy desire 816 ?

If yes tell me about that

  • AnonD-376889

AnonD-376889, 19 Mar 2015Friends I am planning for Htc desire 816. Tell about htc desire 816I am exciting for reply

  • AnonD-376889

Friends I am planning for Htc desire 816.

Tell about htc desire 816

  • irshad

Hii guyz can i buy htc desire 816?

  • AnonD-360751

My phone is htc desire 816 and the camera can not connect with camera apps that i downlouded it what can i do dor it

  • fasoo

ammu, 26 Jan 2015Which mobile is best Moto g 2nd generation HTC desire 816 No... moremoto g (2014)

  • AnonD-358645

How can I make video call in 2G OR 3g network?

  • AnonD-358645

I can not make video calls why?

  • ammu

Which mobile is best
Moto g 2nd generation
HTC desire 816
Nokia lumia 730, 1320

  • dan

How many colors does this phone come in?

  • naju

Recently i brought the htc desire 816, battery back up is very poor, no opition for video calling, internet speed is too slow in 3g network also, peeformance of the front cam is average not giving the calrity of 5mp cam, rear cam also not good .. galaxy grand prime 8mp read cam give more clarty pic than 13 mp htc 816 cam. We cant make clear internet call, not giving proper support for diallers..

  • Sarvesh_M

Mitesh, 05 Nov 2014I have a htc desire 816 and i have problem of wi fi direct.How c... morehaving same issue after after 2 months of purchasing.