LG G3 review: Dream catcher

06 June 2014
Late as usual but ever so strong. In an industry where timing is almost as important as quality, LG's highly anticipated G3 flagship makes landfall in the second half of 2014, a couple of months after the flagships of the other major players. Such a late...

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  • ely

I bought lg3 in dxb but then the year after it suddenly corrupted and can't even do the hard reset.but now it totally can't be open..r.I.p to my lg mobile

  • MyNickname

I am having it for 6 years and he is still rocking it. Except night mode camera, but hey, 6 years old.

  • Tami G

I bought my LG G3 in 2014. It has served me well until recently. It began with random shut downs. I was able to restart the phone and recharging the battery sometimes helped even though it was still above 50%. But last week it began shutting down repeatedly, and finally fell into an endless loop of shutting down and starting, over and over again. The only way to stop it was to remove the battery. I was told by my carrier that the phone could not be saved. But before trashing it, I put a new battery in and it is back to it's old wonderful self. It does have issues with overheating, so I'm still (sadly) going to be looking to replace it.

  • easyaspi314

Still runs nicely to this day. Had an issue where it would randomly reboot five or six times in a row, but it was fixed with a new battery.

Camera is ok, and the battery life with the new battery is decent. It rarely has problems with performance and still works well as a midranger to this day, especially with LineageOS installed over the stock ROM, bringing it to Pie.

  • Shahid

This phone no 4g use

  • Anonymous

The lg 3 to me was an excellent phone the camera was great the new lg phone is not that great.

  • Leo pee

Since i bought my LG g3 i turn on the Bluetooth it doesn't open

  • Jdu

KASHIF, 16 Jul 2016how to use wirless charging in lg g3.. plz update soon You need to bye a wireless charger firstly secondly you gotta put your phone on it

  • Anonymous

How to block calls

  • Feride LG G3

dave, 20 Sep 2016how is the battery life? Better than you can ever imagen. Don't listen what haters say! That's why they are haters!

  • AleHo

The best phone I ever had, stil have it. My D851 is wonderfull; got it second hand, she updated to Marshmallow and goodbye to the uncomfortable issues. I will stick to LG.

  • naveed khan

please praises

  • AnonD-626797

Love this phone! I prefer it to the Galaxy S6 because though its the older of the two, it feels good to hold, it's intuitive to use, and it doesn't get buggy like the GS6. Personal preference, of course, but for me its by far my favorite and it's still going strong, never had any issues.

  • blueXD

I bought my LG G3 in Qatar last year. I so love the camera. It's just that, last month the screen turned blue. I made it checked and they told me the mother board is broken. They advised me to just buy a new phone.So sad.I searched on the net and found out that many users have this problem called "blue screen of death". It's not just me.

  • Mare

My,almost 2 years old LG g3 drives me crazy with wifi and battery problems,and looking these days a new phone to buy. It will definitely NOT be another LG!
At first I was pretty happy with all features,especially with camera,but unfortunately my happines has lasted for just about a year and few months. Since it wasn`t the cheapest mobile out there I expected it to last a little bit more.
A few months ago my wifi and bluetooth problems started occasionally to happen (sometimes it just couldn`t find any network,or wifi signal would be shown as switched on,but in settings actually off and no option to switch it on in any way). Then I would restart the mobile and that would help (sometimes for a day and sometimes just for few minutes).After a while it got worse. My bluetooth doesn`t work at all and wifi is one day good and the other is switching off and on by it self and draining a battery. I have to repeatedly restart the phone for few times,until the wifi can be switched off by me so that it doesn`t suck all the battery life. When I go to a browser or while being online for a while a phone just restart it self (driving me crazy when it turns off while writing an email).
Yes,I`ve asked for technical support and they all said it cannot be solved (LG problem). Also tryed some advices found online (like factory reset etc.) but nothing helped. So....if you`re looking a reliable phone with at least year and a half warranty to work properly,LG is not where you should look. My friend has same problems with LG g2 and I`ve read some similar experiences online. All in all,I think this phone is just too expensive since it can work properly for just about a year.

  • Kasun

This is the worst smart phone brand I have used. Never buy these stupid phones . Just after ur warranty period u are unable to use it and faults can't be fixed.me and few of my friends had to throw away our phones.worst brand ever😠😠

  • dave

how is the battery life?

  • Anonymous

I've been using my G3 32GB model for 2 years now. The bottom line is that this phone is amazing it delivers all round. I don't know how people are complaining here, u probably have faulty units or expecting too much from your phone. Every android device heats up under heavy use. Fact is the LG G3 is one of the best and I don't have any problems using it. - Honest user

  • Nick


Can anyone help me how to make video call with my lg g3? Does this phone have this functionality? Appreciate the response. Thanks

  • tayyab butt

why my lg g3 half touch is not working whyyy