LG G3 review: Dream catcher

06 June 2014
Late as usual but ever so strong. In an industry where timing is almost as important as quality, LG's highly anticipated G3 flagship makes landfall in the second half of 2014, a couple of months after the flagships of the other major players. Such a late...

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  • AnonD-11851

no mention of FM radio? so does it means the phone has no FM radio?

  • Anonymous

does it support native video call?

  • AnonD-77286

Hardly a surprise considering it's not even on sale yet. Anyway, good job, LG, this is almost certainly going to be my next phone.

  • adomas

This display is a drawback for me. Kills the battery life and contrast ratio is bad. I wanted this phone but now I'll go for Z2 probably...

  • AnonD-134497

I told everyone this would happen eventually. However, I am disappointed that GSMArena doesn't present lumia 930 as an alternative....

  • AnonD-271394

Very disappointed with the battery life after his bros G2, still with Lumia 1520.

  • AnonD-259899

Endurance maybe good but this is not for the roadwarrior like me. IM/browsing had to be close to 11hrs in the very least.

I knew it would be a tall order for LG to match LG G2 levels but didn't turn out as bad as I was expecting. Still not enough for me to consider this phone. Z2 it is then. Not a bad phone for those who like to play lot of videos and take good pictures but I cant recommend this phone to anyone who do a lot of IM/Browsing activity all day frequently when out in the field.

The saving grace maybe that you can swap the battery out for a spare one. But I don't like that sort of stuff as it calls for me to be mindful of charging the extra battery for standby. Might as well carry a beefy power bank and charge it on the go.

I soo wanted the 5.5" scree size as it was perfect. Oh well Z2 here I come.

  • AnonD-207990

I was waiting so desperately for your review...wooooooowwww...so happy....seeing 69h in battery endurance test...i ve frozen my decision to get this beast now...

  • AnonD-238761

Performance killed by this display, not to mention that we will hardly ever see a difference between 1080p and 1444p on this screen size. I'm not taking this because of performance, but because of stupid display resolution.