Oppo Find 7 review: Dark horse

02 July 2014
When talking about flagships, one name that keeps on popping up alongside the likes of Samsung and Sony is Oppo. Needless to say, it has long stopped being a surprise. With solid offerings of the past two generations in the Find 5 and N1, Oppo is...

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Johnny, 07 Mar 2016Noob. I have 20 gb of apps. Not enough? If not, find a 64gb... moreNot everyone uses same amount of apps as you.

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    • Anonymous
    • uCm
    • 20 Jul 2016

    AnonD-280136, 04 Jul 2014Property......................Oppo Find 7.....SamsungS5....... moreThis phone support Wi-Fi AC too,

    1. Fast charging, ops, none of these 2 have it..
    2. 2K screen, these phone don't has it.
    3. Double tap to wake and lock, sorry, so called flagship phone don't need it.

    For everything you want to compare, please compare it to LG G3.
    Waterproof, IR Port, barometer, MHL are not mandatory for smartphone, even newer Samsung ditch out the IR Port too.
    Only major feature missing would be the radio, which is much more important than those.

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      • Johnny
      • PTG
      • 07 Mar 2016

      Reji, 11 Oct 2015Plz don't buy this oppo phone ...U cannot download app and ... moreNoob. I have 20 gb of apps. Not enough? If not, find a 64gb or 128gb phone.

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        • Reji
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        • 11 Oct 2015

        Plz don't buy this oppo phone ...U cannot download app and anything's ...

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          • will
          • ib6
          • 24 Mar 2015

          Everyone take oppo is because of camera quality , especially during the night , low light is so good , there are no other phone can match their camera.

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            • qis
            • tZ4
            • 04 Feb 2015

            How to detect an oppo when its missing?

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              • sharjeel
              • KID
              • 06 Oct 2014

              AnonD-280136, 04 Jul 2014Property......................Oppo Find 7.....SamsungS5....... moreIts the price factor dear

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                • bJA
                • 12 Aug 2014

                I have owned this phone for a month now and I have to say, this is a very good attempt of a smartphone from Oppo. The hardware is exceptional with the screen being pure eye candy, battery lasting a whole day with medium-heavy usage and the cameras taking great pictures (as long as the subject is well lit). Software is where Oppo has more or less dropped the ball here. As of writing this comment, my Find7 is running ColorOS 1.2.4i and it has been a mixed experience for me so far. The screen would sometimes be unresponsive from a double tap and the only way for the screen to be responsive again is to put it again to sleep (with the double tap or power button) and then waking the screen on again. Not really a major bug but for a supposed top-spec smartphone costing almost AU$700 is a bit jarring. Also, ColorOS is so heavy; not TouchWIZ heavy but I sometimes get lags switching screens/apps, again, for the price, not welcome at all. I also found an irritating bug where, if you put the phone on vibrate/silent mode while a music is playing, the music will continue playing without outputting sound. A major oversight that GSMArena failed to report is that out of the 16GB or 32GB of storage that you get with the Find7, only 3GB is available to install and store your apps... really Oppo? I hope that GSMArena ammends their review of this phone to investigate/report on this, which I believe is a major shortcoming.

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                  • chandu
                  • Xu$
                  • 09 Aug 2014

                  It can upgrade kitkat

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                    • rKa
                    • 03 Aug 2014

                    AnonD-279807, 03 Jul 2014this is an oneplus one copy... One plus one is an Oppo's sister co, if you know what i mean.

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                      • rKa
                      • 03 Aug 2014

                      rahul, 09 Jul 2014All samsung phones look same eiither you take a phone of 12... moreSo sony's phones can be distinguished? Joke of the year 2014 ..

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                        • AnonD-290334
                        • YTd
                        • 03 Aug 2014

                        Hey wat will be the expected price.. leave a comment

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                          • Owner of OppoFind7
                          • q}u
                          • 29 Jul 2014

                          Having owned the Find 7 for a little more than a month now, I can say that the highlight of the phone is definitely the super speed VOOC charging.

                          I drain my battery rather quickly (due to high graphic games and videos), but the charger does wonders, within a couple of moments the phone is back up to %50 or more, in which case I can continue whatever I was doing without being plugged in.

                          This phone is HIGHLY recommended. Photo quality is amazing as well!

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                            • AnonD-281760
                            • t7J
                            • 09 Jul 2014

                            Where can I buy it in Philippines? And how much? Thanks in advance. :D

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                              • rahul
                              • rKH
                              • 09 Jul 2014

                              All samsung phones look same eiither you take a phone of 12000 or 45000 the design is same. So better to take sony. Keep in mind cpu speed and ram are the main things which distinguishes your phone to other phones. Cpu speed is almost same but ram is one gb extra. Just think twice before rejecting z2 over s5

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                                • viky
                                • KFP
                                • 08 Jul 2014

                                How much expensive iz thiz,..???

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                                  • AnonD-268069
                                  • avA
                                  • 06 Jul 2014

                                  I think oppo find 7 is a great smartphone.
                                  I am waiting to gsmarena compare this phone with others.
                                  50mp image is great.
                                  Buttery drain will solve in future updates.

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                                    • AnonD-280884
                                    • 0U6
                                    • 06 Jul 2014

                                    The sunlight readability thing may be software related. I own a find 7, and is perfectly readable in sunlight...if I disable the automatic brightness and configure the slider manually. The automatic brightness is totally bugged, in a dark room it is so bright it makes your eyes bleed, and it's too bright inside a lit room as well, but it seems it doesn't want to go above that outside.

                                    It's possible the battery usage is also software related, color OS not being the best horse in the stable if you know what I mean.

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                                      • pop
                                      • 8ar
                                      • 06 Jul 2014

                                      mir, 03 Jul 2014It is the other way around.I agree. :-)

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                                        • 8ar
                                        • 06 Jul 2014

                                        AnonD-280136, 04 Jul 2014Property......................Oppo Find 7.....SamsungS5....... moreBecause it is an amazing phone. You should decide only after you've personally tried out all 3 phones you just mentioned. Anyway, it may be a personal preference too. :-)