LG G3 vs Oppo Find 7: Resolution wars

15 July 2014
The LG G3 and Oppo Find 7 are the most recent embodiment of the latest and greatest that smartphones can offer, being the first (and still only) two devices that sport QHD screens. Whether or not a resolution of 2560 x 1440px on a 5.5-inch display...

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  • Feride LG G3

LG G3 forever and ever! I love it.

  • Gborgbor

To me an impressive multi-function with low battery
life is just a doll phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-81824, 16 Jul 2014i dont understand what is your probblem with 2K screen . Th... moreWhat is the point of having a 2K resolution on a 5.5 inch display which is a ppi of 534? For a display of that size a ppi of 400 is more than enough. You will need higher resolution as the display scales up. For normal eyesight, there is no difference in having higher resolution on small screens.

  • AnonD-289393

after this review i will chose the LG G3

  • AnonD-289173

i think G3 lost to find 7 in performance term due to thermal mitigation. when this feature enabled the phone will lower processor speed to reduce heat. cmiww

  • AnonD-288759

steve bíll, 20 Jul 2014i have used all and find7 is a very strong, powerful device... moreYup..Oppo Find 7 Most Powerfull Awesome Smartphone

  • AnonD-288759

Oppo Find 7 is better Over G3..
Faster Charger 40minutes 0% to 100%
I buy this Smartphone. .Bcoz
Its Speacial..now Oppo Find 7 my Life :)

  • steve bíll

i have used all and find7 is a very strong, powerful device, it faster than g3,z2,or s5 when play asphalt 8

  • Anonymous

AnonD-281307, 17 Jul 2014When my g3 rings...led flashes and it pronounces the caller... moreMy Galaxy S3 and S4 also do the same thing.

  • Denis

AnonD-59186, 16 Jul 2014Real conclusion: Do yourself a favor and don't buy a QHD phone.Y ... Any reason for don't buy QHD phone

  • chartrexbandcampcom

These are not the only two phones with 2k displays. They weren't even the first. The Vivo Xplay 3S had a 6 inch 2K display before both of these phones.

  • AnonD-281307

When my g3 rings...led flashes and it pronounces the caller name..that's thoughtful.You know which idiot to ignore calls without picking phone up.
That is smartphone.

  • AnonD-215925

1. Benchmarks doesnot really affect on real life performance :D
2. In video - if its really bitrate problem (software, that LG sucks in optimization) can be easily fixed by increasing a bitrate on G3 in some XML files

  • AnonD-215925

AnonD-274519, 16 Jul 2014Some day even you will have a 2K/4K screen on your phone, a... moreBut when that Some day will come then discuse okay? :D for now that "Some day" is really far !

  • Chuck

So where is Lumia 930 review?

  • Nik

Initially I wanted to get the lg and at that point thought that it was a better phone... However when I came to getting the phone on contract, was waay to expensive for me.

Which is why I went for the oppo, and honestly glad I did! Sim only I saved me almost £200! I think that the price difference is a very big point that seems to be missed.

Value for money, the Oppo Find 7 can't be beaten!

  • Anonymous

Im sure Sony and others will fix QHD battery issues. Its absolutely no surprise that LG fails on battery here as this display is manufactured with old tech that causes low transparency and therefor need much stronger backlight. They have no choice in this, the better/modern IPS displays from LG cannot be manufactured with high enough pixel density, so far only Sharp can do that and my guess is that also Sony can since they very recently acquired their production equipment for mobile IPS displays.

So i think Sony will make the first practically usable QHD phone that doesnt require you to bring a giant power bank along when leaving the house. (Samsung cant be considered useful in any case since region locked phones are about as useful and desirable as STDs)

  • Anonymous

i vote for LG G3,
since it was the only one of those two that support native video call using 3G network.

  • AnonD-59186

Real conclusion:
Do yourself a favor and don't buy a QHD phone.

I love how GSMArena judges:
6mm shorter phone (other dimensions are almost identical) is "significantly more compact". Really, GSMArena?

Full dimensions, LG G3:
146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9mm
Oppo Find 7:
152.6 x 75 x 9.2mm

Do you see "significant" difference in size? I don't. They're both huge and they're both phablets.

I have LG G2, and while its HUGE, its feels unexpectedly compact in hand. At the same time, I'd like to try using a more compact 4.7" device to see if width difference of 3-5 mm makes a significant difference in usability.
I can tell: under 3mm width difference for a phablet won't be felt in hand, unless the phablet is (made by Sony) has sharp edges - those with rounded edges are significantly easier to hold.