LG G3 vs Oppo Find 7: Resolution wars

15 July 2014
The LG G3 and Oppo Find 7 are the most recent embodiment of the latest and greatest that smartphones can offer, being the first (and still only) two devices that sport QHD screens. Whether or not a resolution of 2560 x 1440px on a 5.5-inch display...

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  • AnonD-284097

AnonD-283945, 15 Jul 2014Have had my Find 7 for 2 weeks now and am smitten. I love a... moreGot mine a week ago and have to say I'm impressed with this phone so far. It hasn't disappoint apart from the battery (that rapid charger makes up for it). The screen is just breathtaking....and the gestures made it very simple to use. Absolutely in love with this phone.

  • Anonymous

G3 is good.

  • AnonD-90736

They have the wrong chips to power these QHD phones, should be a minimum s805, but I actually feel that most of the QHD phones will be released next year in time for the s808 and s810 chips and the introduction of LG's 6" QHD displays, cannot wait for 2015!

  • AnonD-274519

Ravi, 16 Jul 2014I dont understand why these screens are needed. They chew ... moreSome day even you will have a 2K/4K screen on your phone, and it won't even eat so much battery then - it will eventually improve and then it's just like FullHD now is. Battery friendly resolution.

  • GoMobile

AnonD-281307, 16 Jul 2014The G3 has contrast adjustment so the standard setting can ... moreYou mean to say that you prefer Korean and Japanese assembled devices. Most of the bits inside are Chinese electronics.

  • AnonD-81824

AnonD-171488, 16 Jul 2014If you actually watch on youtube @ Erica Griffin's Channel ... moreI checked mine .. There is no issues with text .. seems she is using a different font . u can check the channel again .

The display of g3 is really superb especially when viewing images of 2k/4k resolution and also crisp text

  • AnonD-81824

to people who dont need 2k/4k screen / 3GB-4GB RAM / Processor / Graphics , please accept the fact that there are many others in this world who need choices.

Let the companies come up with ideas of saving battery or switching to low-power cores efficiently .. we are not the experts to decide what screen/processor is needed . But yes luckly we have choice whether to buy or not . So buy the phone which u like ( at least we are lucky to be in this world of choices)

  • AnonD-81824

Ravi, 16 Jul 2014I dont understand why these screens are needed. They chew ... morei dont understand what is your probblem with 2K screen . This is a review of 2 phones having 2K screen .Market is flooded with 1080p/720p phones .

Its always matter of choice . This is for people who like 2K screen . Qualcomm and other chip vendors are making advanced processors which can drive 2K/4K screens with less power so more phones will come with 2k/4k .

If you dont like these just concentrate in 1080p/720p phones. Let the chip vendors decide about battery/power .

  • Ravi

I dont understand why these screens are needed. They chew up battery like hell. These mobiles are only for geeks and gamers. They dont offer anything else useful.

  • AnonD-281307

The G3 has contrast adjustment so the standard setting can be improved.

Oppo does not generate enough ownership kudos.I trust Korean or Japanese....first and foremost.Like with UHD Tv sorry not keen on Chinese made electronics.

  • AnonD-171488

If you actually watch on youtube @ Erica Griffin's Channel

She pointed out that :
LG has a very ugly display, they tend to shift colors and making the text more on shadow side... Its like the the text were glairing or having halo's arround it. While Oppo has a very better screen.. Calibration is good and warmer...

For me: G3 has the best in camera, form factor, and front camera.. It drains battery a lot.. Even worst than G2..

Oppo has a very good formfactor though it big, still managable.. Screen is perfect. Camera was not that good, though, it has SOny camera... And overall.. QuadHD screen has nothing very significant stand against 1080p.. And the whole problem with QuadHD is that it burns more energy in Frames, Nits and ppi

  • MMK


Don't you think that it is unfair to ignore the VOOC charging in "Oppo Find 7 over G3"?!!!!!

It is a very strong selling point and I don't know how it got ignored!

  • akrofai

max, 15 Jul 2014These 2 are not the only phones that sport QHD screens.Ther... moreYeah..... The vivo guys are really serious, especially what did with their xshot.

  • AnonD-283945

Have had my Find 7 for 2 weeks now and am smitten. I love and actually use the gestures, still stunned every time the screen comes on and especially love the Quiet Time, where I can choose who can ring through. Some quirks, as I still can't figure how to silence calendar alerts and the battery drain is pretty severe but made up for by the super fast charging. They've made a huge fan in New Orleans.

  • Rogerpjr

Cripple the LG, with 2 gigs of ram crucil in doing battle. Then call it fair.

Oppo! Really how could they compare oppo to LG. Nonetheless S5 still rules

  • Rina

no doubt G3 ruled...........

  • AnonD-274519

G3 would be my choice, just because it has the better audio output quality.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2014LG3 anyday! Absolutely, no contest! G3 hands down!

  • max

These 2 are not the only phones that sport QHD screens.There are other like:Vivo Xplay 3S and Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A.